It is hard to believe that your baby is already one year old; time goes by so quickly! What better way to way to kick off a lifetime of birthdays than with a fabulous first birthday bash! From elephants to daisies, see what birthday theme is just right for your little one!


  • Elephants Birthday Party 

Elephants are adorable and fun creatures that make the perfect 1-year-old birthday party theme. Start with cute elephant invitations. Once the guests arrive, you can give them DIY elephant headbands, which are a perfect party favor and photo opportunity. Fill your little troop of elephants up on peanut butter cookie pops (beware of allergies) and elephant cake!

  • Spaceships Birthday Party 

Shoot for the stars with your boy’s first birthday party! Hang rockets and stars all around for out of this world decorations. Let the kids be creative with an alien drawing party, all you need is blank paper and a bunch of crayons to keep them busy. Lastly, you can even make a spaceship out of cardboard for a little photo opportunity!

  • Vintage Car Birthday Party 

Vroom vroom vroom, we are speeding towards your little boy’s first birthday! Vintage cars are a unique and fun way to celebrate this fantastic birthday. Everything from vintage beetles, motorcycles, cars, and trucks can be on display with models or toys! You can include items like vintage motorcycle cookies with Oreo wheels, a vintage truck birthday cake with a toy truck model on top, and gasoline pump party favor bags!

  • Cookie Monster Birthday Party

Cookies, cookies, and more cookies; everyone loves the Cookie Monster! Start by having the Cookie Monster’s blue face on all of your decorations from plates to balloons. You can also play Pin the Cookie on the Cookie Monster; all you need is a Cookie Monster poster and paper cookies with tape on the back! Before your little monsters head home, let them visit a cookie buffet where they can fill a jar of little cookies as a party favor!

  • Little Gentleman Birthday Party

Your little man is growing up so quickly, so let’s have a little gentleman’s first birthday! You can tell your guests if it is casual or black tie, you can even provide little clip-on bow ties for your guests when they arrive along with mustache stickers! Keep your desserts classy with mustache themed snacks, desserts, and drinks!

Top Birthday Party Ideas for 1 Year Old Girls

  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Birthday Party

Let your little girl shine like a star for her first birthday! Light up your party with stars everywhere! You can make star sandwiches, star chips, and star cookies with star cookie cutters! In the end, you can present each guest with a star wand as a party favor!

  • Strawberry Birthday Party 

Welcome your guests to the land of strawberries with a strawberry welcome sign at the front door! Next, you can have a strawberry bulletin board with your little girl’s stats like height, weight, and accomplishments. Let the little ones chow down on strawberry themed treats like farm fresh strawberries, strawberry-flavoured jello, and strawberry cake. Send them home with a strawberry bow headband or clip as a party favor!

  • Sophia the First Birthday Party

Your little princess is turning one, and she needs a party fit for royalty! Start it off right with Princess Sophia invitations! Princess Sophia’s favorite color is purple, so make it the color of the day with purple tiaras, purple cupcakes, and purple decorations. Next, you can even get a purple castle background poster for a mini photo shoot; you can even dress your princess in an adorable little gown!

  • Hot Air Balloon Birthday Party

Let your little girl’s first birthday soar into the sky with a hot air balloon party! Choose a color theme for your party and get started! Place colored balloons all around the house. Print out hot air balloon pictures to decorate the walls or balloons; you can also print out hot air balloon outlines and let the kids have some coloring time. Add a hot air balloon cake topper, and your party will float all the way to the stars!

  • Daisy Birthday Party

These flowers are the perfect blend of cute and sophisticated for your little one’s first birthday. Begin by decorating your home with hanging paper daisies and yellow balloons. Top your desserts with daisy cake toppers, or even a daisy-shaped cookie! Send your guests home with some of these options: a daisy necklace, a daisy ring, a daisy crown, or a daisy flower chain!

More Birthday Party Themes for 1 Year Olds

  • Owls Birthday Party 

These hilarious creatures make an excellent theme for your 1-year-old’s birthday party. Start by having owl decorations around the house, their adorable eyes will keep watch over everything! You must also have an owl dessert table with owl eye cupcakes, mud cups, and chocolate mice!

  • Watermelon Birthday Party 

A perfect warm-weather first birthday party! This tasty treat can be made into slushies, jello, or simply just paired with lemon for a flavor adventure! Decorate the house with green and red using wreaths, balloons, and streamers!

  • Teddy Bears Birthday Party 

Teddy Bears have been a childhood favorite for generations! These cuddly creatures make the perfect friend for our little ones. You can print out bear invitations, have bear paw prints for the guests to follow, and serve peanut-bear and jelly sandwiches with a honey bear punch!

  • Doraemon Birthday Party

This adorable cat cartoon character first hit it big in India and since has become a worldwide obsession. Everyone loves its wacky antics, and you can bring them to life at your first birthday party with Doraemon themed decorations, cake, and stickers!

  • Milk and Cookies Birthday Party

Keep it simple and sweet with a milk and cookies birthday party! Many young ones are just starting to move towards these delicious foods, so you could make their birthday party the first time that they taste this delectable combination!

  • Balloon Birthday Party

Balloons are a favorite for their color and many uses. Decorate with them, have balloon themed desserts, and games too! Make sure to have enough for each guest to have their own balloon (with some extras just in case)!

Birthday Party Games for 1 Year Olds

  • Hokey Pokey 

Get your little ones moving with the hokey pokey! Have them all stand in a circle and play the song. Teach them the movements and have them dance along!

  • Color Fest 

Little ones love to color. Print out images that match your party theme, set out a bunch of crayons (the fat ones are the best), and let them use their imagination.

  • Simon Says

Test your little ones’ ability to focus with a game of Simon Says. Have an adult leader play Simon and tell him to hop, wiggle, spin in a circle, rub their tummy, and more! Keep it simple and moving fast!

  • Bean Bag Pass

Have the children sit in a circle in an adult’s lap. Have them toss their bean bag as the music plays. Once the music stops, then they have to hold on to their bag. Then start again!

  • Ball Pit

Buy a small inflatable swimming pool and fill it up with plastic balls. Have the kids crawl in and play to their heart’s content! Just make sure to have adult supervision always!