Planning a birthday party for a 10 year old can be an exciting experience, but it can also be a bit stressful at times! With so many different party themes, games, and activities it can be a real workout to plan an awesome birthday party.

To help you plan the best possible party we’ve created the ultimate guide of 10 year old birthday party ideas. Let them strut their stuff with a fashion show or compete in a Fear Factor themed party with their friends. This list has all the best themes for celebrating their first decade here! 

  • Sports Day Birthday Party 

If your boy is into athletics at all, then a sports day birthday party is the way to go! Make it an all-around sports day with every kind of sport imaginable or stick to your kiddo’s favorite. Bring the game to life with themed decorations, tasty treats, and even a mini-game outside. For party favors, you can send home water bottles filled with snacks, a referee’s whistle, or even a miniature ball!

  • Magical Birthday Party

Make it an enchanted day with a magical birthday party! Introduce the day with top hats, wands, and capes to get the guests in the spirit. Have a fog machine for them to play in, create a game of toss the bean bag rabbit into the top hat, and if you are feeling extra daring, you can hire a magician to perform!

  • Video Game Birthday Party 

Technology in this day and age is often where your 10-year-old will be spending most of his time. Video games such as Fortnite, Super Smash Bros, Pokémon, and Minecraft can be brought to life at this birthday party! Create cupcakes decorated like controllers, banners with all their favorite characters, and if it is a smaller party, then you can have the boys take turns playing the actual game (or play together if it’s multiplayer)!

  • Reptile Birthday Party

Reptiles creep their way into the curious minds of 10-year-old boys. Their scaly skin and freaky bodies are repulsive yet fascinating! Play reptile themed games like Leap Frog, Pin the Tongue on the Lizard, and Mouse, Mouse, Snake! Make it an educational experience by hiring a reptile show to come to the party. The boys will have a fantastic time learning about these critters and getting to touch them.

  • Survivor Birthday Party

Bring this reality show to life by having a crazy adventure party for your boys. Take it outside with challenging obstacle courses, relay races, tug of war, and more. Make those boys sweat and then reward them with something they will never forget. Who will be the survivor? Challenge them to eat candied crickets, play egg roulette, or win a game of Iron Toes!

Top Birthday Party Ideas for 10 Year Old Girls

  • Cupcake War Birthday Party 

Turning ten is sweet! Before the party begins, have all the cupcake supplies ready to go. Cupcakes baked (unfrosted), white icing made (plenty of food coloring to go around), and candies in bowls. Start the party by putting each guest in their own little apron; if you are having a longer birthday party, then the girls can also take the time to customize their aprons. Then let the girls go! Have them decorate cupcakes to their heart’s content!

  • Fashion Show Birthday Party

Let’s get glamorous! Hit the local dollar store or thrift shop before this party to stock up on fun party accessories like funky hats, feather boas, sunglasses, and more! On the invitation, ask the girls to bring over any clothes they are willing to share for a fun conglomeration of clothes! Then let the free for all begin. Mix and match clothes to create wild and hilarious looks that the girls can use to strut down the runway. Make sure to have the paparazzi there to capture the moment!

  • Mani/Pedi Birthday Party 

Everyone loves to get pampered, your birthday girl included. Have a mani/pedi party! Create foot baths for them to soak their feet, get scented lotion for their skin, and buy a variety of fun colored nail polish so they can paint each other’s nails. You can even buy nail stickers for that special touch!

  • DIY Crafts Birthday Party

Let your little artist shine with a Do It Yourself Crafts Party! What kind of craft does she like to make? Jewelry, clothes, pillows? All of this is possible! Stock up on all the necessary supplies, know how to teach it to the girls who are new to the craft, and let them create something that they can keep forever! Throw in some tasty treats to eat while they work and they will be busy for hours!

  • Makeover Sleepover Birthday Party

Time to pull out the big guns with a sleepover! Nothing says maturing to the double digits then getting to have your friends spend the night! Keep it simple and sweet. Pizza for dinner, cupcakes for desserts, a movie, and a makeover of course! Stock up on cheap make-up, brushes, and remover, then let the girls become little fashionistas! Provide wacky colors for them to experiment with and laugh about! Just make sure that they take it off before they go to sleep.

More Birthday Party Themes for 10 Year Olds

  • Nerf War Birthday Party

Is your crowd a little more rough and tumble? Let them get their energy out with a nerf war birthday party! Make sure each child has a nerf gun, plenty of nerf darts, and eye protection! Then let them go wild!

  • Fear Factor Birthday Party

Would you dare to do it? There are many disgusting (but safe) games that you can play with a crowd of adventurous kids! Snacks are one of the best ways to test their mettle with tasty crickets, bugs, baby food, or anything slimy.

  • Game Night Birthday Party

Board games and pizza! Enough said! Make it a classic with games such as Twister, Monopoly, Trouble, Chutes and Ladders, Connect Four, and Sorry. Add a modern twist by making it a video game night with whatever the latest craze is!

  • Around the World Birthday Party

Pick any country from around the world and center the party on that! Decorations, food, desserts, and games from the country itself make for an educational and fun party that may spark their interest in learning about the world!

  • Jewelry Making Birthday Party

Totally glamorous! Let’s add a little sparkle to the day with a jewelry making session. Homemade necklaces and bracelets are all the rage. Grab a bunch of beads, pendants, and string, and you are ready to create!

  • Tie Dye Birthday Party

Everyone needs a little bit more creativity and color in their life! Have a tie-dying party where the kiddos get to make their masterpieces vibrant with color that they can even take home. A little messy, but a colorful and fun way to spend the day!

Birthday Party Games for 10 Year Olds

  • Lawn Bowling 

Why go to an expensive bowling alley when you can have more fun in your backyard. Keep it fast-paced by getting two sets of pins and two balls. Have the kiddos play in teams or solo for a delightfully fun afternoon!

  • Hanging Donuts

Do you have a place where you can hang a bunch of donuts? Yes? Awesome! Tie a string through the donut hole and put it someplace overhead. Make sure that there are varying heights to fit all the kids present. Then tie the kids’ hands behind their backs and say go! They will chomp at the tasty treats until they are all gone!

  • Tie Dying 

Let the children create their own tie-dye shirts! All you need are plain white shirts, environmentally friendly clothing dye, and some string. You can have each kid create a unique shirt that they can take home!

  • Inner Athlete

Bring your child’s favorite sport home for their birthday! Set up a mini version in the backyard with modifying rules and let them play until they are exhausted.

  • Balloon Stomp Game

Balloon Stomp is a hilarious way to get the kids moving. All you need to do is tie a balloon with a piece of string to a kid’s ankle. The kids will stomp at each other’s balloons until there is only one balloon left unpopped.