The terrible twos are fast approaching, but that is not going to stop us from throwing a spectacular second birthday party! Take advantage of their endless curiosity by choosing a birthday theme that will spark their imagination. Dinosaurs, butterflies, bubbles, and more are all great ideas to get you started. Check out this full list of awesome birthday party ideas for any 2 year old.


  • Dinosaur Birthday Party 

Dinosaurs will forever be a fan favorite for the little ones! Colorful, gigantic, and monstrous, these extinct creatures are a delightful choice for a birthday party! You can have dinosaur party supplies, a dinosaur cake, and plastic dinosaur toys as a party favor. You can even play ‘Dinosaur Stomp,’ a game similar to freeze dance where the children stomp around like dinosaurs and freeze when the music stops.

  • Bug Birthday Party 

Bugs are a fascination for young boys; anything squishy, colorful, and dirty is fun for them to touch. Beetles, spiders, and grasshoppers spark the imagination, and you can turn them into a fun birthday event! Have bug themed decorations, toys, and even dessert! Place gummy worms in Oreo dust to make a tasty treat for everyone.

  • Elmo Birthday Party 

Elmo is everyone’s favorite little red friend! Elmo loves to eat and can be turned into a variety of treats such as Elmo Rice Krispies, Elmo Cake Pops, Elmo Chocolate Covered Strawberries, and more. Elmo loves to play too! Turn Elmo into a scavenger hunt! Print out a bunch of Elmo wall decals, hide them around the room, and assign the kids an Elmo to find (Elmo reading, Elmo eating, etc.). Give them all the time they need to find their Elmo!

  • Thomas the Tank Engine Birthday Party

Thomas the Tank Engine has rolled into the lives of many with his “I think I can’ attitude, and now that attitude can roll into your party! Make your own Thomas the Tank Engine Snack Table. Create a train with each car being a different snack. You can even make little trains made of fruit that will have your kids munching on something fun and healthy. Add a DIY train track around the house for the kids to play on for extra fun!

  • Buckets Birthday Party

The best way to a young boy’s heart is through play. They love to get their hands on anything and everything. Have a bucket themed birthday party! Inside or outside, fill a bunch of buckets with different things (make sure they can’t be eaten). Change up the size, shape, and texture to get their senses going wild. Create a little bucket party favor filled with candy to send home with them at the end of the day!

Top Birthday Party Ideas for 2 Year Old Girls

  • Fairytale Birthday Party 

Bring those bedtime stories to life with an enchanting fairytale birthday party! Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Peter Pan, and Little Red Riding Hood, the list goes on. Capture the fairytale that your little girl loves with decorations, themed desserts, games, and story time. This will surely be a magical day!

  • Shopping Birthday Party 

What little girl wouldn’t want to go shopping? Create a little mall right at home! Design signs for your different shops, buy a bunch of cheap little toys, add different prices to the toys, and hand out monopoly money for the kids to buy what they want. Make it simple and easy! The kids will contemplate their choices until they found the perfect fit for them, and it’s the perfect party favor!

  • Minnie Mouse Birthday Party 

It is time to bring this well-loved character home from Disneyland! Give the girls little Minnie ear headbands or polka dot bows! Our favorite idea is the Minnie Mouse DIY Photo Booth, where your little girls can pose for pictures and can be sent to parents later! As well, Oreos are the perfect way to re-create Minnie’s adorable ears on any dessert!

  • Flower Birthday Party

Year round, flowers are a lovely and colorful way to have a birthday party. Using real, artificial, or even homemade flowers to decorate is easy! Make it a game by playing Musical Flowers. Just like Musical Chairs, but instead of sitting on a chair, they need to be standing on a flower cut out!

  • Butterfly Birthday Party

These whimsical creatures are a beautiful way to create a gorgeous birthday party! Send out origami butterfly invitations, make butterfly foods like butterfly nectar (lemonade), play butterfly themed games (catch the butterfly), and send home a pair of tissue butterfly wings as a party favor. You could even have face painting where each and every guest will be turned into a beautiful butterfly!

More Birthday Party Themes for 2 Year Olds

  • Rainbow Birthday Party

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple! Bring all these colors into your home for a rainbow themed birthday party! Different colored cups, plates, balloons, snacks, and party hats will make this party bright as can be!

  • Brunch Birthday Party

2-year-olds usually can’t make it a whole day without nap time, so instead of an afternoon party, let’s make it a morning party! Have kiddos and the parents over for a brunch party. Have a buffet of breakfast foods at the ready to make any picky eater happy; throw in a game or two before the end and that’s it!

  • Ice-cream Birthday Party 

Every child adores ice cream, so let’s make it larger than life! Let the children create their dream ice cream cone with an arts and crafts project. Then bring it to life with an ice cream bar where the kids can make their own ice cream creation, with toppings too!

  • Bubbles Birthday Party

Bubbles! This is an exciting and easy endeavor that can be created in many ways. Bubble guns, nets, and soap (See our game section) are all you need to get these kids moving! Just make sure to take it outside in order to avoid a super sticky mess!

  • Garden Birthday Party

Get a little bit dirty for this hands-on birthday party. Begin with a plant drawing and see what their imaginations create. Then let them plant something, a flower or seed, in a small bucket to take home! A fun project that keeps on giving until the flower blooms!

  • Winnie the Pooh Birthday Party

Winnie the Pooh has been adored for generations. This honey-loving bear is the perfect inspiration for a variety of treats that can be done at your party. Teddy Grahams, Gummy Bears, and any other honey-flavored treat is a delicious way to represent Winnie in his favorite way!

Birthday Party Games for 2 Year Olds

  • Bubbles Galore 

Bubble guns, bubble machines, bubble wands, bubble nets, and buckets of soap and water; Enough said! Your party will be easily entertained by creating, chasing, and popping these simple circles! Just make sure to get environmentally friendly soap.

  • Freeze Dance 

All it takes is a stereo and a case of the wiggles! Turn the music on with a fun, upbeat song and get those kids on their feet. Hit the stop button and have the kids freeze until the music starts again. Give them a challenge to see if they can keep themselves from smiling!

  • Story Time 

Need a minute to wind down and relax? Maybe the mayhem needs to be put on pause? Bring out a storybook and have the kiddos sit in a half circle or lie down for a bit. An engaging story will let them relax without getting bored.

  • Face Painting

Animals, monsters, flowers, and more can all be painted on your kid’s face. Transform them into something mystical or hilarious to bring extra spice to the party! Bring in a professional or even teenagers from around the neighborhood to do the painting.

  • Buckets of Fun

The terrible twos are a nightmare because they want to touch everything, but now you can use it to your advantage. Fill buckets full of fun (and not edible) products. Change up the textures and sizes to keep them entertained. You could even blindfold them for an extra bit of mystery!