It is almost time for your little one’s third birthday! You can make it extra special by creating an awesome party based on a theme that they love. Are they crazy about firefighters, Disney, bugs, ice cream, or something else? This list has it all to inspire you to host the best 3rd birthday ever.


  • Curious George Birthday Party 

This curious little monkey is a fan favorite for young children. His wild and funny antics make the perfect theme for a memorable party. Begin the party with a Curious George storytelling to familiarize all the guests with our favorite friend. Keep the kids moving by playing Curious George games like hide-and-seek, monkey leap, and more!

  • Firefighter/Policeman Birthday Party 

Bring these local heroes to life with a theme party in their honor! Give each guest a themed hat and badge to start the party. Play games like tug-of-war, cops and robbers, and save the cat (have the partiers complete tasks to save the cat from a tree/burning building.) Make sure to reward your heroes with healthy snacks and tasty desserts!

  • Dinosaur Birthday Party 

Nothing is more exciting than these massive creatures from the past! Have a dinosaur egg hunt throughout the house or the backyard where you fill the eggs with little candies (no toys because we don’t want them to choke!). Then play Dinosaur Dash where the kids have races to see who is the mightiest dinosaur of them all!

  • Candy Land Birthday Party

Let’s turn this board game into a real-life adventure filled with fun games and sugar! Set up squares that lead through the house or backyard. At each square, have the guests perform a task, anything from jumping jacks to drawing a picture. After completing the task, the guest gets to add a piece of candy to their bucket. At the end of the squares, all kids join together for a dessert feast, and they get to take their bucket of candy home as a party favor!

  • Creepy Crawlies Birthday Party

For some reason, bugs are a fan favorite of boys! Spiders, beetles, ants, and other creepy crawlies are very interesting to young boys, so let’s take advantage of it for your 3-year-old’s birthday! Create spider cupcakes, ants on a log celery sticks, and molded bug jellies for snacks! Blindfold your guests and play Guess the Flavor with gummy worms. Have some crazy fun by playing Spider Pick Up; see how many spider toys the kids can pick up in the allotted time!

Top Birthday Party Ideas for 3 Year Old Girls

  • Flower Birthday Party 

Tulips, sunflowers, daisies, and roses are easy and fun to incorporate into your 3-year-olds birthday party theme! Paper plates, cups, napkins, and more can sport these pretty images. Create (or buy) violet lollipops, apple rose tarts, and daisy cupcakes! You can even teach the guests how to grow a flower by having them plant a seed in a little cup, making the perfect party favor!

  • Polka-Dot Birthday Party 

Colorful and easy, polka-dots are the way to go! Make everything circular from your party invitations to your snacks including Oreos, cookies, and even round sandwiches. Play Ring Around the Rosie, challenge them to a game of Twister, or teach them how to hula hoop! Finally, let them create an art masterpiece with pre-cut circles of different sizes and colors, add in some crayons to make it extra delightful!

  • Disney Princess Party 

Let your little girl be a princess today! Start the day off with a hurrah by providing a tiara or crown for all of your guests. Next, have the kiddos design their own kingdom’s flag on a triangular piece of paper. Let them create their own tasty treat with Royal Necklaces (candy necklaces). Finish off the day with a game of Slay the Dragon where the princesses and princes fight off the dragon together.

  • Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish! Dr. Seuss is a classic author that spans the generations from Cat in the Hat to Green Eggs and Ham! Fashion your girl’s birthday party after one book or all of them in general! Have Cat in the Hat Bean Bag Toss, Swedish Fish Taste Test, or Green Eggs and Ham Bingo!

  • Butterfly Birthday Party

These colorful creatures are the perfect choice for a 3-year-old birthday party! Butterfly invitations, posters, dishes, and snacks are easy to create and fun for everyone. Make it an extra special day by hiring a face painter (or enlisting older siblings and parents) to decorate the kids’ faces with beautiful butterflies!

More Birthday Party Themes for 3 Year Olds

  • Ice Cream Birthday Party 

Most kids absolutely love ice cream, so let’s make it an extra sweet day. You can play pin the ice cream on the cone, have the kids draw the most epic ice cream cone, and of course, let them eat a variety of ice cream from an ice cream buffet! Make sure to get lots of toppings too!

  • Circus Birthday Party 

Bring the circus to your home by having a circus themed birthday party. Let the kids perform crazy stunts like standing on one leg, walking backwards, and the froggy hop! Have a photo shoot with red noses and clown wigs to make a scrapbook full of memories.

  • Brunch Birthday Party 

Let’s be honest, little ones are at their best and brightest in the morning so let’s have a brunch birthday party! Set up a delicious spread of breakfast goodies and even include a small cupcake or ice cream treat at the end; it is a birthday after all!

  • Owl Birthday Party

Hoo? Hoo? It is you, the person going to create an awesome owl themed 3-year-old birthday party! Owls are fun and super popular! Let the little ones draw wacky owls using pre-printed sheets and then let them munch on chocolate mice for dessert.

  • Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party

Smiling cats, late rabbits, and a maze of color is what Alice in Wonderland is all about. Decorate with huge flowers, serve tea as the Mad Hatter, and let the guests play Find the Rabbit. Send them home with a box of sweethearts and other goodies!

  • Bubbles Birthday Party

Create a bubbles birthday party! Bubbles everywhere from napkins to balloons. Bring the excitement on with a huge game of Bubble Mania! In the end, send home bubbles as a party favor!

Birthday Party Games for 3 Year Olds

  • Activity Stations 

Keep the kids constantly on the go with different activity stations. Set up play dough, coloring, painting, and other hands-on projects so that they always have something to do! Once they are done with one, send them along to the next station!

  • Bubble Mania 

Bubbles, bubbles, and more bubbles. Bubble mania means creating as many bubbles as possible all at the same time. Individual bubble blowers to ropes with a suds bucket. See how many bubbles you can get in the air!

  • Candy Necklace Creation

Let your guests create their delicious dessert with candy necklaces! Anything with a hole in the center will do! You could use fruit loops, peach rings, cheerios, lifesavers, and many more. Once their masterpiece is complete, tie it together and place it on them for their snacking pleasure!

  • Freeze Dance

Classic and hilarious, this game is sure to please your guests. Turn on some fun kid’s music; it doesn’t matter what it is as long as it is fast paced. Have all the kids wiggle and dance then freeze when the music stops. Keep going until they get bored!

  • Piñatas

Piñatas are fun for all ages! Fill the piñata up with candy and toys and let them whack at it! Make sure that it is at a height they can reach and that you have extra candy to share with those who didn’t pick up as much as the others.