Your little one is growing up fast and starting to make friends at school, which means they will want to invite all their besties to their birthday. How does one create a fantastic birthday for a group of 4-year-olds? Everything from Pokémon to pineapples are available in this list of the best birthday party themes for 4-year-olds!


  • Jurassic World Birthday Party

Bring this movie to life and have a spectacular birthday party for your 4-year-old! Begin by hanging large dinosaur posters on the walls and paper pterodactyls from the ceiling. If you can bring in lots of plants for the jungle vibe, then even better! Let the guests get rowdy with a game of dinosaur stomp and a roaring contest! At the end of the party, you can send each guest home with a plastic dinosaur toy as a party favor.

  • Gnome Birthday Party 

Let your guests enter the world of gnomes through a tiny door to get this party started! Perfect for a backyard party, you can have gnomes decorating the yard and the tables. Add in little plush mushrooms for the cutest touch. Speaking of mushrooms, have a mushroom-shaped cake with red icing! You can also include yummy snacks like acorn style cupcakes. Give each kid a gnome hat and let the games begin!

  • Wild West Birthday Party 

Giddy up and take their 4th birthday party back in time to the wild west. Start by sending out Wanted posters as invitations. When it is party time, present each guest with a sheriff’s badge as they enter the party! Get the guests moving with stick horse races and a game of horseshoes (use plastic)! At the end of the day, send your guests home with a s’mores kit as a souvenir!

  • Frog Birthday Party

These green creatures make for a fun birthday party for any 4-year-old boy. Have little lily pads lead the guests through the house, teach them how to play modified leapfrog, and let them make frog hand puppets from green socks! There are lovely frog-themed snacks too! You can make a frog fruit bowl out of a cantaloupe, “frog legs” made from a hot dog rolled in green colored dough, and an assortment of green candies! 

  • Pokemon Birthday Party

These hilarious creatures have been a favorite for years! Make it a DIY adventure! You can draw a Pikachu face on yellow balloons with a sharpie, bake your own Pikachu cupcakes, and create a Pikachu piñata (or order it all online)! Let your kids catch ‘em all with Pokéball marshmallows, cake pops, and chocolate balls. Let the kids burn off some of that sugar by playing Pokémon Hide-and-Seek as well as Pin the Tail on Pikachu!

Top Birthday Party Ideas for 4 Year Old Girls

  • Pineapple Birthday Party 

Take this tropical treat to a whole new level for your girl’s 4th birthday party! Set up a tropical party with flowers and big green fronds! Then bring the pineapples out to party with pineapple paper cut-outs, pineapple bags, and a pineapple piñata! Of course, you must have a large variety of pineapple treats! You can use pineapple sorbet, pineapple cake pops, pineapple popsicles, and more! Yummy!

  • Wonder Woman Birthday Party 

Let your little girl be a heroine on her 4th birthday! Start the day off right by handing out eye masks to all the attendees! Get rid of that superhero energy with relay races, obstacle courses, and challenging games. Any wild and crazy games such as cup stacking or the spoon race will keep your little heroes busy! Make sure to recharge their powers with Wonder Woman themed healthy snacks!

  • Unicorns Birthday Party 

A rainbow of pastels mixed with endless sparkles makes for a fabulous unicorn birthday party. Make your snack table a sugar haven with rainbow-colored snacks such as cotton candy, graham crackers with rainbow icing dip, pink chocolate covered pretzels, and more. Then let them burn off some of that sugar with unicorn races and balloon pop games!

  • Ballet Bash Birthday Party

Many little girls love ballet, so bring this sport to your birthday party. You can buy cheap tutus at a local store to get the party in the right mood before the dancing begins. Take the attendees through a dance routine yourself or hire a ballet teacher to teach a class! After they are all danced out, fill them up on elegant snacks like tea sandwiches, pink goldfish, and popcorn mixed with candy!

  • Trolls Movie Birthday Party

Does your little girl love the Trolls movie? Why not make it her birthday party theme! Get wild and crazy for this birthday with a bunch of fun activities like the troll crawl races, troll hide-and-seek, a troll coloring session, and maybe a few clips from the video for the kids to watch while they munch on snacks. Make it extra fun with a crazy troll headband art project that also makes an excellent party favor!

More Birthday Party Themes for 4 Year Olds

  • Under the Sea Birthday Party 

Take your 4-year-old’s birthday under the sea! Fish, mermaids, sharks, octopi, and sea monsters make for an adventurous birthday! Hang blue and green streamers from the ceiling and have sea creature style snacks and desserts!

  • Dumbo Birthday Party

Bring this lovable character to life at a Dumbo Birthday Party! Grab Dumbo party invitations and decoration print outs online! Play the elephant nose party game and give the kids Dumbo ear headbands as a party favor!

  • Woodland Creature Birthday Party 

There are a plethora of furry woodland creatures that you can model your 4-year-old’s birthday theme after. Squirrels, foxes, deer, owls, bunnies, racoons, and hedgehogs will make for adorably themed decorations, games, and desserts!

  • Royal Celebration Birthday Party

Treat your 4-year-old like the prince or princess that they are! Roll out the red carpet for when the guests arrive and have a royal celebration of a birthday with tiaras, crowns, and scepters! You can even have a royal photo shoot!

  • Llamas Birthday Party

Llamas are all the rage, so bring them to your birthday party in the form of plates, cups, balloons, snacks, and more. Host llama races where the guests will run like llamas! Lastly, make sure to get a llama piñata for extra fun!

  • Crayon Birthday Party

Keep it simple this birthday with a crayon birthday party! Fill the room with a rainbow of colored balloons and let your party have a wild time coloring; you can even play tablecloth masterpiece! Include snacks named after the crayon colors and send home a pack of new crayons as a party favor.

Birthday Party Games for 4 Year Olds

  • Tablecloth Masterpiece 

Invest in a large number of fat crayons and give the party a paper tablecloth! The longer, the better, especially if you can put it over a picnic-style table. The kids will have a fabulous time drawing within enough space for everyone!

  • Prize Walk 

Create a circle of sticky notes on the ground numbered from 1 to 30. Have a basket with papers numbered 1-30 on the side. Have the children walk around the circle while the music plays. Once the music stops, have the children stand on a sticky note. Choose one number from the basket, and if a child is standing on that number, then they get a prize!

  • Bubble Wrap Walk 

Place a long piece of bubble wrap on the floor, with weights holding it down on either end. Have the children walk across the bubble wrap WITHOUT popping any bubbles. The child that can cross silently wins!

  • Spoon Race

Have the kids get ready to race! Line the kids up and have them either carry a spoon in their hand or their mouth. Next, give them something to put on the spoon (non-choking items) like a cotton ball. Have them race to the finish line!

  • Simon Says

Get the giggles going with Simon Says. Have an adult play Simon and lead the children through a series of movement; it can be dancing, balancing, hopping, spinning, and more!