Your little one is now at that age where they are going to remember things for years to come, so let’s make their fifth birthday party a memorable one. Whether they are into sports, fashion, science, or superheroes, this list of 5 year old party ideas will be sure to help you create a legendary birthday party that they will never forget!

  • Outdoor Movie Party 

Let’s take the party outdoors and host a movie night under the stars! If you are predicting warm weather for your party, this is a great way to get the kids outside! Rent or buy a screen, pick a new kid-appropriate movie, toss out some blankets, and you are ready to go! Become the extra cool host by letting the kids build a fort beforehand to chill in while they watch the movie.

  • Mud Run Birthday Party 

What better way to be a kid than to get dirty! Host a mud run where your kids can get all kinds of gross without getting in trouble. Have a mud pool, a slip n’ slide, and a sandbox ready for your kids to play in. Make sure to have a hose ready to wash them off as well as telling parents to send along an extra pair of clothes!

  • Mad Scientist Birthday Party 

Bring science to life for your little brainiac! Let the madness reign with wacky experiments that will spark the imagination of every kid. Add dry ice to a punch bowl for that mad scientist vibe or make monster burgers that kids will love! You can even fill some test tubes with candy as a delicious party favor!

  • Scavenger Hunt Party

Let your inner pirate out with an exciting scavenger hunt! Begin the party with an epic tale of mystery and woe, imparting the knowledge that treasure lies somewhere within reach! Split your party into teams (provide enough hints for each team) then set them off! This wild hunt will keep them busy for at least an hour until they find the mysterious treasure. Make sure that each child has a treasure to take home!

  • Sports Party

Soccer, baseball, basketball, or whatever sport makes your boy happy and excited! Bring those iconic images into your home with desserts, decorations, and the balls themselves. Hit a ball piñata to make your party a slam dunk! You can even modify the real game to have one in your very own backyard! Let the kids take the game home with them with referee whistles as a party favor!

Top Birthday Party Ideas for 5 Year Old Girls

  • Arts and Crafts Birthday Party 

Paint, glitter, markers, pipe cleaners, glue, and a whole bunch of fun are at your fingertips with an Arts and Crafts party. If you are ready and willing to have a messy birthday, then let your kids’ inner Picasso shine through!  Not only will they spend lots of time creating their masterpiece, but they will also have a wonderful souvenir to take home!

  • Spa Birthday Party 

Pamper your little girl, and her friends, with a spa day on her special day. All you need to do is get each attendee a face mask and place some sliced cucumbers over their eyes with some relaxing music in the background! Make it extra special and let them get all dolled up afterward. Cheap makeup, nail polish, scented lotion, and sparkles are all it takes to make this spa day extraordinary!

  • Tea Birthday Party 

Prim and proper is the way to go! Break out the fancy china (or grab a cute plastic version from the store) for this party. Let the girls munch on tiny snacks and sip sweet flavored tea. If you want to double the fun, then have the girls bring a special plush friend along with them! You can even provide some costume jewelry for the girls to dress up their stuffed animals.

  • Princess Birthday Party

Let your little princess become royalty for the day! Tiaras, costume jewelry, make-up, and even a party dress is the perfect way to make her feel like the star of the show! Have Ariel, Rapunzel, or Elsa adorning every surface along with balloons, cupcake toppers, napkins, and more. Not only will your little girl feel princess perfect, but so will every attendee!

  • Fashion Birthday Party

Let your party be a fashionista haven by letting the girls create their article of clothing. All you need are some white shirts and a way to decorate! Everything from tie-dye to clothes markers will get their creativity flowing. Your girls will walk away with an awesome memory and a colorful shirt as a souvenir!

More Birthday Party Themes for 5 Year Olds

  • Superhero Birthday Party 

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s your kid’s awesome birthday party! Let your child be the hero of the day with a superhero party! Captain America, the Hulk, or Wonder Woman can be featured on plates, cakes, and costumes to make your child’s birthday a SUPER day!

  • Monster Birthday Party 

Monsters today are much cuter and cuddlier than they used to be, this makes them the perfect party idea! Create your monster with arts and crafts or costumes then devour it in a monster cake!

  • Video-Game Birthday Party 

Does your child spend time in the virtual world? Pokémon, Mario, Minecraft, and Rocket League are all popular games that children love to play. Bring it to life at your party with your very own live version!

  • Movie Character Birthday Party

Everyone has their favorite movie character! Legos, Harry Potter, or even Dori from Finding Nemo are characters that kids adore. Find out which one is your child’s favorite and build a whole party around them. The cake, decorations, and even games are all available!

  • Dance Birthday Party

Wiggle and giggle your way to a fantastic party! Ballet, rock n’ roll, or even Baby Shark will get your kids out or their seats and ready to move. Have a kid-friendly playlist ready to go or even some Youtube videos for them to follow. Add in some funny hats and costumes to get the kiddos in character for a rockin’ day!

  • Sweet-Tooth Birthday Party

Let’s be honest, it isn’t a party unless there are massive amounts of sugar! Cakes, ice-cream, cookies, and sprinkles must all be included. Have that sweet image everywhere you look from plates to stickers. Make it even better with a build-your-own-dessert station, and you will be a fan favorite.

Birthday Party Games for 5 Year Olds

  • Obstacle Course 

What better way to burn off some of that little kid energy than with an obstacle course? Kids love any opportunity to be active, so let’s send them outside. All you need are some cones, rope, and a couple of hula hoops and you are ready to go!

  • Treasure/Scavenger Hunt 

Making a treasure hunt is an easy and fun way to keep the kids occupied for at least an hour! Create a set of easy to follow clues that have the kids running around. Pair them up in teams to get the competition going! Make sure to have enough treasure for everyone to avoid any tears!

  • Limbo Party Game 

How low can you go? It’s not that hard when you are only a couple feet tall. Put on some fun music and have two lines of limbo going simultaneously for optimal, fast-paced fun. Your kids will be laughing even if they tumble!

  • Hidden Treasures

Do you have a place where you can bury little treasures? A sandbox, a kiddie pool, or even a small garden is a great place to hide little goodies. Grab a few bags of small toys, bury them near the surface, then let your kids DIG! Make sure to have a few extra in reserve just in case!

  • Toss Game

Cheap and easy, the toss game has been a favorite for years. Grab something small and lightweight for the kids to toss and something fun for it to land in. You could get a fancy board from the store or make your own with a hula plastic ring and bouncy balls!