Are you ready for the most impressive 6th birthday party ever? Of course. What better way to kick off a fantastic birthday than with the perfect party theme? Race cars, movie stars, pirates, fairies, and more all make incredible themes to base your 6-year-old’s birthday on. Check out this full list of party themes, games, and more.

  • Race Car Birthday Party 

Does your boy have a need for speed? Let him race to the finish line for an awesome 6th birthday party! As the guests arrive, provide them with classic racing goggles and then let the races begin! You will need lots of space, but races are a fast way to success. You can do everything from hopping on one leg to the crab walk! Afterwards, let the kids fuel up on healthy snacks and a race car themed cake!

  • Wacky Science Birthday Party 

It is time to show how much fun being a Brainiac can be; let your boy’s inner genius shine with a party filled with wacky experiments. They can watch a balloon blow up before their eyes using vinegar and baking soda. The kiddos can also make a fun slime simply using glue, water, and Borax; add in some food coloring to make the slime a wacky color!

  • Nautical Birthday Party 

Take to the high seas with this birthday! Anchors, ships, shells, sand, palm trees and more make for easy party decorations. Make it extra sweet with the lifesaver guessing game! Fill a large jar full of lifesavers (make sure to count them) and place an action figure somewhere inside as well. Have the kids guess how many lifesavers are in the jar; whoever guesses correctly save the action figure and gets to keep it!

  • Pirate Birthday Party

Expand upon the nautical birthday theme and create a pirate themed birthday party! Give the party goers pirate hats, eye patches, and a bandana as they walk in the door. Create pirate-themed games such as finding the hidden treasure, save the mermaid, and pin the eyepatch on the pirate! As your swaggering little pirates head home, give them a party favor filled with chocolate gold coins and seashells.

  • Sports Party

Do the names Cristiano Ronaldo, Roger Federer, and LeBron James ring a bell? These famous athletes may be your boy’s hero! Bring professional sports to life with your boy’s favorite idol easily with a sports-themed party specializing in their favorite star. Posters and a life-size cut out would be lots of fun or keep it simple by having the party revolve around a specific sport itself.

Top Birthday Party Ideas for 6 Year Old Girls

  • Frozen Birthday Party 

Anna and Elsa of Disney’s Frozen have conquered the big screen and stolen the hearts of many young girls. Anna and Elsa are their idols so let’s make it the theme of your girl’s birthday party! You can start the birthday off by showing the movie and filling the kids full of healthy snacks. Afterwards, let them create snowflakes and Olafs with safety scissors! Finish it off with some frozen desserts like ice cream, popsicles, and frozen fruit!

  • Spa Birthday Party 

What better day to pamper your little girl than on her birthday? Today is all about showing her how special she is. It is super easy to bring the spa home! Let them relax with face masks and sliced cucumbers over their eyes as they listen to peaceful music. Add some creativity with a variety of bright nail polishes and stencils for them to create crazy nail art. Polish it off with some dainty finger food and she will have the most pampered birthday ever!

  • Dance Dance Dance Birthday Party 

Ballet, hip hop, and jazz! Young girls love to dance and it is a wonderful way to get them moving in a fun way! Make it a dancing day! Bring up Just Dance lessons on the big screen and have them learn a crazy new dance! Practice it a few times and then have them perform. Make sure to videotape it for your own personal memories and to send it off to other parents as well.

  • Elegant Tea Birthday Party

Travel back in time to when tea parties were all the rage! Dress your party girls up in feather boas and little white gloves. Line the table with healthy snack food, tiny finger sandwiches, and elegant little desserts. Place a teapot in the center as the grand showpiece! Make sure to have lots of sugar, milk, and honey around to make the tea nice and sweet!

  • Movie Star Birthday Party

Does your child dream of being on the big screen? Do they want to shine in the spotlight one day? Let’s get started by making them the star of their sixth birthday! Grab some fun accessories from the local dollar store for the attendees to dress up in. Then roll out a long piece of red carpet/paper for the kids to strut their stuff on and make sure to have a few cameras clicking away (enlist older siblings to help) for paparazzi! Make it extra special by creating a mini scrapbook out of all the pictures so that your little star will remember her big day forever.

More Birthday Party Themes for 6 Year Olds

  • Outer Space Birthday Party 

Let’s make this birthday party out of this world by taking it to outer space! Have an alien birthday cake, moon cheese snacks, star decorations, and rocket themed races for your party games. There are endless possibilities in the vastness of space that will make your party shine like a star!

  • Hero/Heroine Birthday Party 

Every six-year-old has a hero or heroine! Maybe their hero is a Disney princess, an Avenger, or a hometown hero like a firefighter or police officer? Whomever it is can be incorporated into your birthday party theme! Bring their awesomeness to the party with themed decorations, snacks, and games (and maybe even a surprise appearance!).

  • Fairy Birthday Party 

Make this birthday magical by bringing fairies to life at your child’s birthday party. Play fairy hide-and-seek, fairy hop, and more magical games. Make tissue paper wings for each guest to take home with them. Lastly, have toadstool, frog, and flower themed desserts to end the party on a sweet note.

  • Sweet 6th Birthday Party

Why wait for the sweet 16th when you can have the sweet 6th? Make it sweet with a menagerie of tasty desserts! You can make it healthy with frozen fruit creations, keep it classic with an ice cream bar, or go all out with a buffet style including cupcakes, crème brulee, tarts, cheesecake, and anything else that you have mastered in the kitchen (or just order it!).

  • Dinosaur Birthday Party

Back in time we go for this prehistoric birthday party! You can have a dinosaur drawing contest to see who can draw the best dinosaur and you can play the dinosaur stomp game to make your kids giggle! Dinosaur decorations, food, and toys to send home as a party favor make a fun birthday for everyone.

  • Animal Birthday Party

Does your 6-year-old have an animal that they simply adore? Is their favorite animal a horse, a tiger, or a turtle? Whatever it is you can create a whole party around it from decorations to snacks to games! You can even have face painting so every child can get their favorite animal right on their face.

Birthday Party Games for 6 Year Olds

  • Skittles Challenge

Can you guess the flavor? Buy a big bag of skittles and split the flavors up into little paper cups. Blindfold your challengers and have them taste each skittle one at a time. If they get it right, they get a point! The challenger with the most points at the end receives a king size bag of skittles. If you want to keep the peace, then grab smaller bags for the other challengers.

  • Sleeping Lions 

Want to get the party back under control and a little bit calmer? Let’s play Sleeping Lions! Have the children lie down on the floor spread out from one another. The goal for the children is not to move, wiggle, or giggle. They must stay completely still as an adult walks around making silly sounds, cracking jokes, or anything else that might get a rise out of them!

  • Obstacle Course 

Get their blood moving with an obstacle course! It can be as simple as having cones set up with different tasks like jumping jacks or frog leaps! Make it more intricate by involving hula hoops, jump ropes, tunnels, and more!

  • Duck Duck Goose

Let’s get dizzy with a game of Duck Duck Goose, a simple yet fan favorite to get your kids moving! Have them sit in a circle with one child being “IT.” They tap each kid’s say “duck” until they choose one kid to be the “Goose.” When the goose is chosen, they will chase the kid who was IT around the circle. If the goose catches them, they try again, but if not, then the Goose becomes IT.

  • Limbo

How low can you go? Turn on some upbeat music and have the party limbo under a bar. Too slow? Make it a limbo challenge with two teams to see which team can limbo the lowest!