7-year-olds are bouncing with energy, so it is up to you to create a fantastically fun birthday. Send them on a detective mission, have them save the day as Wonder Woman, or let them play at their very own carnival. The possibilities are endless, and with this list you can choose the best options of birthday party themes and games to help you create the most fantastic party yet. 

  • Camp Out Birthday Party 

Camping in the backyard is a wonderful way to spend a birthday! Have the guests arrive in the afternoon for outdoor games and a large barbeque before pitching the tents in the backyard; you could even have the kids sleep under the stars if the night is clear! It is not a camp out without s’mores! Make traditional s’mores if you have a campfire or have an alternative like s’more cupcakes, cake, or ice-cream! Send the boys to sleep once it gets late enough and know that they will chatter until the wee hours in the morning!

  • Detective Birthday Party 

A great crime has been committed and your boy’s birthday party is where the mystery will be unveiled. Start the party the moment the guests walk in the door. Provide little magnifying glasses for all the guests and create an adventure full of twists and turns! At the end, provide a prize for all their hard work that they can take home as a party favor.

  • Minions Birthday Party 

These little yellow creatures have stolen the hearts of many with their wacky shenanigans. Have their silly faces plastered on plates, balloons, and of course the cake! You could even get goggles for the boys so that they can look like the minions. Make it extra sweet by having a minions pinata; the boys can take turns hitting it until the candy comes pouring out!

  • Lego Party

Colorful and loved, a Legos party has endless options for fun! You can create everything from Legos such as napkin and silverware holders. Also, there are many games that you can play depending on the number of Legos that you have. You could guess how many Legos are in the jar or even have a tower building competition. Let your imagination, and theirs, make for an epic party!

  • Ninja Party

Every little boy wants to be a ninja! Let’s make it happen with a ninja birthday party. As soon as the boys come in, have them put on bandanas around their heads to complete the ninja look. Next, have awesome games in place to put their ninja skills to the test such as obstacle courses, ring toss, egg carry, and more. Tire them out and then reward them with a big slice of ninja cake or ninjabread cookies!

Top Birthday Party Ideas for 7 Year Old Girls

  • Backward Birthday Party 

Let’s turn the day around and create a party, unlike all others! A backward birthday places a wacky twist on your girl’s special day. Make everything backwards! Have special printed backwards posters, banners, and even the cake! Eat in reverse with the cake first and vegetables last. You can even have a backwards fashion show! Let the girls dress up in fun clothes, of course wearing it all backwards, and have them strut down the catwalk with their best backwards walk. The only thing not backwards will be the happiness on their faces!

  • Wonder Woman Birthday Party 

Wonder Woman is a hero and role model for many young girls. Who wouldn’t want to be a superhero for the day? Wonder Woman plates, napkins, and even a cake are all possible for your little heroine. You can even create a “Save the Day’ mission. Create an obstacle course, and once they all reach the end, it means that they saved the day!

  • Little Chef Birthday Party

Bring her birthday party into the kitchen! If you have a small birthday party lined up, then this is a fun and messy way to let your little girl be creative on her birthday! Pizza, cupcakes, or something even more decadent will let the girls explore the culinary arts and personalize their snacks!

  • Moana/Luau Birthday Party

The Disney movie “Moana” is a fan favorite for little girls looking for a strong female role model. Bring the movie to life with a tropical vacation in your backyard for her 7th birthday! You can get grass skirts and plastic flower leis for the girls to wear, teach them a simple hula dance, and eat tropical island cuisine.

  • Unicorn Birthday Party

Rainbows and sparkles! Unicorn parties are all about colors. Bring the color to life with bright banners, balloons and tasty cupcakes. Use the balloons for toss games, relay races, and more. You can even have a wacky game of pin the tail on the unicorn! Make it even more colorful with brightly colored ice-cream that the girls can add sprinkles to for an extra sugary end to an amazing day.

More Birthday Party Themes for 7 Year Olds

  • Star Wars Birthday Party

This movie has been a classic for generations. Han Solo, Yoda, and Luke Skywalker have been heroes to many over the years, and that continues to this day! Bring it to life with lightsaber battles, spacecraft cupcakes, and a whole lot of fun!

  • Carnival Birthday Party 

Bring all the best games of the carnival to your 7-year-old’s birthday party! Ring Toss, Balloon Darts, and Magnet fishing are all possibilities! Give the kids tickets after each game that they can use later to buy a toy as their party favor!

  • Peppa Pig Birthday Party 

This peppy pig is going to bring joy to your party! Peppa Pig cakes, Grandma Pig’s fruit cups, and Goldie Fish jelly cups make for a yummy day. Dress up with little pig noses and ears, play pin the tail on Peppa Pig, and perhaps have all the guests sign a special note in a Peppa Pig book for your kiddo to remember their special day!

  • Emoji Birthday Party

Grumpy, Angry, Sad, and of course Happy emojis are all present at your little one’s birthday party. Put these funny faces on everything from food to cupcakes. You can even let the kids draw wacky emojis to create a keyboard of crazy faces.

  • Troll Birthday Party

Can you say WOW? Trolls area a colorful and funny bunch that will get your kids laughing in no time! Let their wild colors shine through with vivid desserts and colored hair chalk (if it’s okay with the other parents.)

  • Zoo Birthday Party

Let your little one become an adorable zoo animal with face painting. Hire a pro face painter or even some neighborhood teenagers to come paints the kids’ faces! Have a photo challenge to see who has the best animal pose!

Birthday Party Games for 7 Year Olds

  • Telephone

An easy and hilarious game! Have the kids sit in a circle and let the birthday kid be the first to start. They start by choosing a sentence from a hat (or making one up) and then they whisper the sentence to the child sitting next to them. Play loud music in the center of the circle to keep the other children from overhearing. Let the secret sentence make its way around the circle and then let the last child reveal the convoluted (and often hilarious) sentence!

  • Eggs and Spoons Race

Are you willing to deal with a bit of a mess? Give each child a spoon and an egg; they only get one chance (but keep some extras just in case one gets dropped before the race begins). Balance the egg on the spoon and let the race begin!

  • Silly Relay Races 

Match the kiddos into pairs or teams and let the craziness begin. You have so many options: running, walking backwards, army crawling, crab walking, hopping, the wheelbarrow, and more! Be creative, let those kids burn some energy and have fun!

  • Mystery Fishing

You have seen this game at the carnival and now you can bring it to your own home. Grab a kiddie pool, some magnetic fishing poles, little toys that the rods can grab, and let’s go fishing! It is a fun game and a great way to let them earn a fun party favor.

  • Sidewalk Chalk Drawing

Do you have lots of concrete that need an epic masterpiece? All it takes to entertain the kiddos for an hour is a big bucket of colored chalk. Let their inner Picasso shine through with a fun and creative task. You can have a theme or just let it be a free for all creative party!