Batman, Harry Potter, Hello Kitty, and more all make for fantastic birthday party themes for your 8-year-old. In this list you will find the best party themes with all of the tips, tricks, decorations, and games that go along with it! You will easily be able to create the most spectacular birthday party for your 8 year old boy or girl.

  • Hot Wheels Birthday Party 

Hey there speed racer! Does your boy like to go fast in any way possible? Let’s bring speed to his 8th birthday with a Hot Wheels themed party! Feature cars everywhere from plates to balloons to snacks! Make it extra special by letting the kids set up a huge track in the house; it will challenge their creativity and engineering while still being lots of fun! You can even give each guest a Hot Wheel car as a party favor.

  • Harry Potter Birthday Party 

Wizards and wands are always a hit when Harry Potter comes to town! Dress them up in capes as soon as they come in the door. Print out banners of all the houses and let the sorting begin! You can even create your own sorting hat using a witch’s hat and a baby monitor. Have owl balloons, witch’s hat cupcakes, and non-alcoholic butterbeer. Play a game of modified Quidditch, and your magical party will be a hit in the wizarding world!

  • Ninja Birthday Party 

Ninjas are always cool, especially for an 8-year-old’s birthday party! Let them play Ninja Hide-and-Seek where their eyes are covered with a bandana and they can only using sound to find their opponents. Be a super awesome host and let them create their own ancient weapons like swords, bo staffs, and nunchucks using pool noodles! Add in some ninja themed snacks and you are set for a wicked awesome birthday bash!

  • Pokémon Birthday Party

Pokémon has been a favorite with its collectable cards, video games, tv shows, and movies. If your boy is a fan of Pokémon, then bring it to life with Bulbasaur balloons, Pikachu cupcakes, and Squirtle snacks. You can even play Pokémon Charades where the kids act out their Pokémon without using sound, and the other guests have to guess. Let the kids become Pokémon trainers by sending them home with a little plush Pokémon as a souvenir!

  • Batman vs Superman Birthday Party

Our two mightiest heroes at war with one another! If your boy is into the DC Comic world, then this challenge will be lots of fun! Send out invitations and let them choose between Batman and Superman (hopefully this will help it be roughly even) with their reply. Prepare chest badges for all of your guests with either the Superman or Batman logo then let the wars begin with a bunch of Batman vs Superman games such as races, obstacles courses, and in-house games!

Top Birthday Party Ideas for 8 Year Old Girls

  • Little Baker Birthday Party 

Is your little girl into the culinary arts? Invite over a few of her friends (keeping space in mind) to have a baking day! Let the girls create their own pizzas, drinks, and cupcakes designs! Make sure to have all the ingredients and the time-consuming portions (pizza dough and cupcake batter) completed in advance for the smoothest of sailing! In the end, let the guests eat their masterpieces; keep a few normal dishes on the side just in case some of the masterpieces aren’t as yummy as they look!

  • Horses Birthday Party 

Ride into style with a horse themed birthday party! Many young girls are crazy about horses, and they are very easy to incorporate into this 8-year-old’s birthday party. Feature horses on everything from your invitations to the cake! You can play pin the tail on the pony and horseshoes! Get creative by getting stick horses for each guest and have them race!

  • Paris Glam Birthday Party 

Glamorous in Paris is the theme for this party, featuring the Eiffel Tower with a dazzling pink and black color scheme! You could have a runway fashion show with dress up clothes, a photo shoot in front of an Eiffel Tower Wall Decal, and a jewelry making session. Serve some fabulous French desserts, and you are all set for your birthday trip to Paris!

  • Hello Kitty Birthday Party

Hello who? Hello Kitty, of course! This adorable cat can be featured in your 8-year-old’s birthday party with dishes, balloons, and desserts. Play pin the bow on the Hello Kitty or Hello Kitty Simon Says. You can even have a Hello Kitty Photo Shoot where the guests dress up in Hello Kitty Bows and take silly pictures. Plus, you must have a Hello Kitty Birthday Cake to add that final special touch!

  • Pajama Birthday Party

Sleepovers are a fabulous birthday party idea! Tell the guests to show up in their pajamas for a fun night in! You can rent a karaoke machine for them to belt out some tunes or have a movie marathon, or both! Let them munch on healthy snacks before a pizza dinner and your girl’s favorite dessert to end the night. Have a few games on the side in case there is a lull; be sure to know that there will be no actual sleeping at this slumber party!

More Birthday Party Themes for 8 Year Olds

  • Great Adventure Birthday Party 

Does your 8-year-old have an adventure on the brain? Is it skydiving, backpacking through the wilderness, or traveling to another country? Bring that sense of adventure to their birthday party and center the whole event around it with invitations, dishes, food, activities, and more.

  • Carnival Birthday Party 

Bring the circus to town with carnival games galore at your 8-year-old’s birthday party! Ring toss, balloon darts, and rubber ducky fishing! Serve hotdogs, snow cones, and cotton candy to make it truly authentic!

  • Surfer Birthday Party 

Sun, sand, and crashing waves are the way to a beach lover’s heart! If you have access to a beach, then you’re golden; if you don’t have a beach accessible to you, bring the beach to your home with shells, non-alcoholic piña coladas, and beach volleyball in the backyard!

  • Movie Birthday Party

Have a movie marathon! Day or night, it doesn’t matter! As long as there are a series of interesting movies, lots of pillows to chill on, and plenty of snacks, everyone will have a blast. Come up with some games in-between so that they can burn off some energy!

  • Totally 80’s Birthday Party

Go back in time to when the 80’s were all the rage with crazy hair, leg warmers, cassette tapes, and disco! Bring in bright colors, wacky clothes, and teach your guests how to disco yourself or use YouTube to help!

  • Glow in the Dark Birthday Party

Have a night-time birthday party with glow in the dark as the theme. Set up a blacklight in the main room and tell all the guests to wear white. Provide glow sticks and jewelry to add some color to the party! In addition, add some neon colored desserts as a tasty treat! 

Birthday Party Games for 8 Year Olds

  • How Many Skittles? 

Place a big plate, or many plates depending on the size of the party, of skittles or M&Ms on the table. Give each guest a straw and a cup. Place the timer for a few minutes and see how many they can transfer to their own cup using the straw!

  • Sidewalk Chalk Drawing 

Bring some art to the world with sidewalk chalk drawing! Grab a bunch of chalk from the local dollar store and let the guests go wild! Just make sure that it is allowed in your neighborhood!

  • Sardines 

This game is similar to hide-and-seek! Have one person hide, and all other guests must look for them. When they find them, they must join them until all the players have become sardines.

  • Hula Hoop Games

How many ways can you hula hoop? Can you hula hoop around your arms, neck, waist, legs and more? Bring this challenge to the guests yourself or show a video and see how much they can do! Their wiggles will make giggles!

  • Balloon Cup Race

Give each guest a balloon and a cup! Their goal is to blow up the balloon and use the air to push the cup across the floor, they can’t use their hands. The first person to reach the finish line wins!