It is the last birthday before a lifetime of double digits, so make it memorable with an awesome birthday party theme. Host a soccer party, a glamping night, an art session, and more with our top birthday party themes for 9-year-olds. Be the coolest host on the block with these incredibly fun ideas.

  • Captain America Birthday Party 

Captain America is a wonderful role model for 9-year-old boys and he makes for a great birthday theme! Decorations are simple with red, white, and blue stars! Create a scavenger hunt challenge for the guests to complete in order to save the day! Need some chill time? Have the kiddos create their own Captain America shield which also makes for the perfect party favor!

  • Soccer Birthday Party 

The best way to have a soccer party is to play! If you have space (or a park nearby), host a soccer match! Switch up the teams often and have them do soccer drill challenges too! Make it harder by replacing the ball with a balloon for lots of laughs! After they have ran out all of that energy, fill them up with healthy snacks! In the end, serve up a green cake decorated like a soccer field!

  • Xbox Birthday Party 

Why not have this favorite game be his birthday party theme? Take his birthday to the next level with Xbox themed decorations, snacks, desserts, and party favors! Let them take turns playing on the Xbox (maybe see if you can get two going at the same time)! Then enjoy some time away from the screen by taking their favorite game and bringing it to life!

  • WWE Birthday Party

Is your boy a rough and tumble type that is into WWE? Give them the kind of fitness challenges that makes their wrestling heroes so tough, such as push-ups, running, squats, and more! Make it crazy with a two-legged or wheelbarrow race! Keep the memories forever by having a WWE banner for the kids to pose for pictures with their favorite stars!

  • Star Wars Birthday Party

It doesn’t have to be in a galaxy far far away to be an out of this world birthday party! If your guests are the energetic type, start the day by having them create DIY lightsabers that they can then battle with or use for obstacle races. Next, have them defeat a Death Star piñata before turning to dessert. You can serve R2-D2 cake, Storm Trooper marshmallows, Yoda rice Krispies, and Darth Vader cupcakes!

Top Birthday Party Ideas for 9 Year Old Girls

  • Project Runway Birthday Party

Is your girl a fashionista? Project runway makes for a fabulous ninth birthday! Grab a bunch of clothes from your local thrift store or have the guests bring clothes that they don’t mind sharing. Mix and match the clothes and have a fashion show! Set up a runway with adults taking photos for a birthday to remember!

  • Donut Grow Up Birthday Party 

We never want our little angels to grow up, so let’s have a “do not “doughnut” grow up” birthday party! Decorate the party with doughnut themed balloons, posters, and plates! Make it wacky by having doughnut races using pool inner tubes. Then, of course, you must have doughnuts for dessert; you can even build a doughnut tower for the birthday cake!

  • Gorgeous Glamping Birthday Party 

Take her party outdoors for a gorgeous glamping birthday party, if the weather permits! You can rent adorable individual tents or one giant one for your backyard adventure. Make it glamorous with fluffy cushions, cozy blankets, sheer curtains, and colorfully painted pinecones. Trail mix makes the perfect snack and then have a classy barbeque for dinner with s’mores for dessert!

  • Art Birthday Party

Is your 9-year-old an aspiring artist? Bring that creativity out on her birthday with an art party! Choose an art style of her choice; you can do anything from painting to beading and more! All you need is plenty of supplies for everyone, a large table for them to spread out on, and some background music! Make it extra special by giving each attendee a little apron if the projects are extra messy!

  • Cowgirl Chic Birthday Party

Does your 9-year-old have a bit of country in her?  Then let it out with a cowgirl chic birthday party! For decorations, you can fill cowgirl boots and mason jars with flowers. If you can get a hay bale or two, that will add a classic country vibe and provide seating! When each guest arrives, provide them with their own cowgirl/cowboy hat. Bring out games like horseshoes and stick horse races to get the blood pumping before having a delicious cowgirl themed cake!

More Birthday Party Themes for 9 Year Olds

  • Karaoke Birthday Party 

Do re mi fa so la ti do! Let’s make this birthday rock with karaoke! You can hire a pro to bring, set-up, and run the event for you or you can rent the equipment yourself! Make it extra fun by setting up a stage with decorations for your little rock stars to sing on!

  • Ice Cream Social Birthday Party 

Ice cream is delicious at all ages! You can create a massive ice cream dessert table with ease. Simply have a large variety of flavors (include sorbets) and toppings and then let the kids create a dessert masterpiece!

  • Fishing Birthday Party 

Whether they like to fish or not, a fishing birthday is a cute and fun way to celebrate a 9th birthday party. Use cut out paper fish and rods for decorations, create a magnetic fishing game with prizes, and have fish-themed snacks and desserts!

  • Hawaiian Birthday Party

Bring this tropical vacation to their 9th birthday party! Have a full-on luau in your backyard with hula dancing, limbo, and fake fire spinning! Freeze pineapple, strawberries, and mangoes together to make tropical treats and sip soft drinks out of coconut shells!

  • Sporty Birthday Party

Is your child an athlete? Bring the sports home with a birthday theme modeled after their favorite athletic activity! Football, basketball, gymnastics, swimming, you name it! Any sport can be turned into a fantastic party!

  • Chocolate Obsession Birthday Party

Does your kid have an obsession with chocolate? Let them indulge for their 9th birthday with chocolate everything! You can have a chocolate fountain, chocolate-covered strawberries, chocolate ice cream and much more. Make sure to play some games so they can burn all that sugar energy off!

Birthday Party Games for 9 Year Olds

  • Beach Ball Circle 

Have the crowd sit in a circle. Start with one beach ball! Have one guest say the name of another guest and then throw them the ball to them. Repeat for a couple of rounds before adding another ball…and then another…and then another!

  • Minute to Win It 

Minute to Win It is a series of mini-games where you only have one minute to win! Include as many as you want or go until they are exhausted. Try games like apple stack, card throw, cotton ball scoop, marshmallow toss, noodle pick-up, and more!

  • Guess and Win 

Fill a large jar of party-themed goodies (plastic bugs, jelly beans, etc.) and make sure to count them! As the guests arrive, let them guess how many are in the jar! Whoever is closest wins the whole thing and gets to take it home!

  • Mummy Wrap

Stock up on toilet paper and let the wrapping begin. Split your party into two teams and have them choose who will be the mummy. Have them race to wrap their mummy in toilet paper. Whoever is wrapped first wins! Then repeat!

  • Nail Polish Spin

Great for girls and open-minded boys. Place several colors of nail polish in the center of a circle of kids. Have the birthday girl spin the bottle and whomever the cap is pointing has to paint one of their nails that color! Play until everyone’s nails are complete!