About Gift Climber

Finding gift ideas that kids & teens want used to be a challenging task!
The idea of creating was born at a Christmas party in upstate New York. A group of friends started talking about how hard it was to find gifts for their children when it seemed like they already had everything they could ask for.

It was then decided that parents needed a community where they could help others find the best gifts for their children. Maybe a place where parents could read reviews from others who have bought a gift, recommend a favorite gift, and easily find new gift ideas by interest and age range. It sounds like a lot of work right? How in the world do we make this idea into a reality!? Unfortunately, those few questions (among others) stopped us from turning this into anything more than what it was, just an “idea”.

Although the idea of creating this community never left our minds, two years later it was still just an idea. We had to take action and make this idea into a reality. First, we needed a name. We were all thinking of funny slogans one night, and one of us mentioned “finding great gifts for kids used to be harder than climbing a mountain”. From that statement, Gift Climber was born.

Today, is proud to provide the largest selection of user-generated gift ideas and an online community where finding gifts for any kid or teenager is fast and easy!