Baseball Gifts for Boys

Updated: May 20, 2023

Are you trying to find the perfect holiday or birthday gift for a baseball fanatic? With so many different options, it is far from easy picking out the right gift!

In this gift guide, you’ll find all of the top-rated MLB gear, baseball games, baseball toys, equipment, and more.


1. Pro Pitch Challenge Game



This year’s top-rated baseball gift for kids and teens is the Pro Pitch Challenge Game. It is an easy and fun backyard game where players have nine innings to outscore opponents.

Each target has a different point value. Players can score singles, doubles, triples, and home runs! The included instructions are a lot of fun, but kids often like to make up their own rules and mini-games.

The Pro Pitch Challenge is easy to play indoors or outside. One unique feature of this game is that it uses high-quality inflatable baseballs. It is safe to say there surely won’t be any broken glass!

Overall this gift is highly recommended for any baseball lover. It is good quality and a great alternative to video games and computer time. 

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2. The Ultimate Baseball Board Game



Everyone knows that most kids prefer video games over board games. But they might actually like this baseball game more than some of their favorite Xbox or PlayStation games! 

MLB full count baseball is an easy to learn game that involves real baseball strategy and statistics. You’re probably thinking, wait, statistics? Don’t worry; the game doesn’t require any knowledge of statistics. It is based on real MLB stats, making for some super realistic gameplay! 

It is an excellent game for knowledgeable baseball fans as there is strategy involved. Still, it is also easy for children just learning the rules of baseball. 

Here is how you play the game – you are the “manager” of an MLB team (pick your favorite major league team, all 30 are in the set). Players compete against other teams and must select different pitches, batting lineups, and develop a strategy to beat the competition. 

This game will decrease “screen time” and is an excellent game to get them thinking a bit. It is easy to learn, and playing with friends and family is a ton of fun. A must-have set for any major league baseball fan. 

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3. Phiten Baseball Necklace

Phiten Classic Necklace

Phiten necklaces have become very hot among baseball players. Even pro athletes from the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees are commonly seen wearing these necklaces.

You’re probably wondering, what makes these necklaces so trendy? Phiten necklaces contain an inner titanium core, and many players claim it helps recondition injured body parts and recover from soreness. Opinions vary on the actual health benefits.

Nonetheless, most people will buy these necklaces for the style! The necklace style and color options are trendy right now.

Bottom line, if you’re looking for a great baseball gift under $20 that any kid or teen would wear all the time, it is worth checking out the Phiten necklaces.  

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4. Kids Baseball Guys


Sports Illustrated and ESPN have featured this next gift suggestion! It is an award-winning toy that was created by a mom of 4 kids who love baseball! It is a favorite baseball toy for boys under ten and makes a great birthday or Christmas gift for younger baseball fanatics. 

The Kaskey kids baseball guys set includes 24 baseball action figures, an umpire, a realistic baseball diamond mat, and even a scoreboard (one of the best features).

If you’re looking for a gift for a younger child who loves baseball or sports, this set could be a great pick. They definitely won’t already have anything like it. Plus, they’ll no longer need to pretend other action figures are baseball players!

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5. Baseball Jersey Number Necklace


Any baseball player would love a necklace with their number on it! This baseball necklace is unique and well-made. It is available in three different color options (gold, silver, and black). 

The jersey number necklace is a cool looking accessory. Even though the price is around $10, many parents have mentioned the quality is excellent, and it isn’t “cheap” feeling at all. 

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6. MLB Youth Boys Team Hoodie


What MLB baseball fan wouldn’t love a hoodie with their favorite team on it? This officially licensed MLB hoodie is made with high-quality polyester and features a unique graphic design with the team logo on the front.

It is stylish and very comfortable! This gift is slightly on the pricier side, but the quality is top-notch. It is the kind of gift that would get used every single day, especially during the winter! 

Unfortunately, this hoodie doesn’t come in all 30 MLB teams. Still, there are plenty of other similar MLB sweatshirts that would make a great gift idea if they don’t have his favorite team in stock. 

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7. MLB Electronic Baseball Pitching Machine


Most baseball players love batting practice and trying to hit the ball out of the park. The only problem is you either need someone to pitch the ball or a batting cage to practice regularly. 

This MLB electronic baseball pitching machine is an excellent way for kids to practice their batting (independently)! The machine pitches the ball every 7 seconds and features a flashing red indicator to let you know when the next pitch is coming. 

It is easy for kids to load the balls by themselves so that they can practice 100% on their own. If you’re tired of pitching ball after ball, and your kid still wants to practice, this is perfect. Occasionally the machine will throw outside the strike zone, but on average, 8-9 out of 10 balls are strikes. 

It is essential to keep in mind this model is recommended for kids 12 or younger. Teen baseball players will likely want to invest in something that pitches the ball faster. 

Any kid who loves baseball would be thrilled with this machine. It is similar to having a personal batting cage in your backyard!

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8. The Mug With A Glove


If you’re looking for a truly unique baseball gift, be sure to check out The Mug With a Glove! 

This mug is designed like a baseball and has a large glove attached to the handle. It is big enough to eat cereal or soup, but can also be used to drink hot cocoa or any other beverage.

It makes a great baseball gift for kids and teens. The mug is excellent quality and will last a lifetime. Plus, it is a gift they can use every day with their morning cereal!

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9. MLB Slammin’ Sluggers Baseball Game


Here’s another baseball toy that is worth checking out. The MLB Slammin’ Sluggers Baseball Game is a two-person game where players take turns pitching, fielding, batting, and running the bases. 

It is very similar to real baseball, and you play the game a full nine innings! You can control the pitcher to throw fastballs or curveballs. It is also possible to move the defensive players around to different positions. 

Best of all, you can personalize this game to your favorite major league baseball team. It includes all 30 MLB teams to customize the field and players.

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10. Baseball Logo Athletic Crew Socks



Custom designed socks are a big hit. They also make for a great small birthday or Christmas gift! These socks genuinely stand out with different baseball designs and multiple colors available.

Any baseball player would love a pair of these socks. It is a simple gift idea that you really can’t go wrong with buying. All of his friends will be asking for a pair as well! Make sure you’re ready to tell other parents where you bought them. 

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If you haven’t found something you think they’d love yet, be sure to check out our full 2023 list below. Parents and kids who love baseball recommend each gift idea. You can also read parent reviews and suggest a gift if you have an awesome baseball gift you would like to share with the world!


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