Basketball Gifts for Boys

Updated: May 20, 2023

Looking for the perfect gift for a boy who loves basketball? Check out this 2023 list of top rated gift ideas for basketball obsessed kids and teens.

In this gift guide, you’ll find this year’s best basketball equipment, games, gear, accessories, and more.


  • SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop – Glow In The Dark



One of the best selling basketball gifts this year is the SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop. This mini hoop makes a perfect gift for any basketball obsessed kid or teen. It is easy to install on the back of any door and can also be wall-mounted. 

If your child enjoys playing basketball outside they will love this mini indoor hoop. They might even be tall enough to practice different slam dunks on it. It is a lot of fun to shoot around solo but can also be played with friends as well! 

It’s a great active gift that will last a long time. The hoop is super durable and can even take the punishment of teenage boys. 

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  • Officially Licensed NBA Blanket

Officially Licensed NBA Blanket

If your kid or teen has a favorite NBA team this blanket will be a huge hit. It is available in plenty of team options such as the Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers, and Boston Celtics. 

This blanket is a nice size and an excellent price! Each team blanket features a cool and unique background design and logo. It will make the perfect addition to any boys room.

If you are looking for a great basketball gift under $20 you can’t go wrong with this blanket.

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  • NBA Slam Dunk Softee Hoop Set


This is another great NBA gift for kids under $20. The slam dunk hoop can easily hang on the back of any door and is easy to set up and start playing. This is one of those gifts that will provide hours of entertainment for most boys. 

One of the best features of this hoop is that you can pick your favorite NBA team. It is currently available in 12 team options.

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  • Light Up LED Basketball 


This glow in the dark basketball is one of the most popular basketball gifts for teen boys. It is the official size and features an automatic on/off glow feature. Plenty of fun to play at night time but it can also be used as a normal basketball during the day.

If you are searching for a cool and unique gift this tops the list. Your teen boy will love shooting around or playing with friends after it gets dark outside. 

The ball is made of high-quality material and it is also super easy to switch out the batteries once they run out. This basketball will surely last a long time and will be able to put up with a ton of abuse.

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  • ESPN EZ Fold Indoor Basketball Game



There aren’t many more exciting gifts than an at-home basketball arcade. The ESPN indoor basketball game is a two-player game that is great for players of all ages. 

It features 8 awesome game options including popular games such as around the world and horse. Challenging friends and family is a lot of fun while the electronic scorer keeps track of points. The scorer also features a game clock and even real arcade sound effects. 

The game is big, but it does fold up nicely as well. It is very durable and will be able to last with multiple kids and even adults beating on it! 

Probably one of the more expensive gifts you can buy, but it can also work as an awesome shared Christmas gift between siblings. There is no doubt the whole family will get plenty of use out of this game.

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  • Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team 2.0 Backpack


Sporty kids and teens love almost anything labeled with the Nike Swoosh. Nike’s Elite Backpack is truly versatile and can be used for practice, school, traveling, and more. It is big enough to easily fit a basketball, uniform, and shoes. For school or travel, it can carry all the necessary supplies and clothing. 

 You’ll be amazed at how much this backpack can fit. The Nike Quad Zip System features easy access from all angles and multiple pockets to store virtually anything.

 It is a bit pricey but will make the perfect gift for any active baller. There is no doubt they will use this bag almost every single day. It is stylish and provides ultimate convenience, they will love it! 

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  • Basketball 3D Light


If you’re trying to find a basketball gift for a younger kid, this Basketball 3D Light is a great option. The basketball has 7 colors to choose from and can also be set to rotate through all the colors. It is a cool decoration that will make a great addition to any boys room.

Most importantly this is a safe light to put in your child’s room. It can also be used as a cool night light!

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  • The Dunk Collection Dirty Dunk


Does your boy’s room have clothes laying all over the place? If the answer is yes, this could be the best idea ever! Picking up their clothes will no longer be a chore. It is just too much fun shooting clothes into this basketball hamper.

You can easily hang this hoop on the back of a door or mount it on any wall. The hoop features a release at the bottom to empty the laundry right into any basket. Zero inconveniences.

Playing basketball with laundry might be the best way for kids to get it done. Especially if your boy loves basketball. He’ll be looking for dirty clothes to dunk into the hamper. It will even seem like a gift for mom as well.

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  • SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop System


If you are thinking about buying a big gift for your favorite basketball player the SKLZ Pro Basketball Hoop System is a great pick. It is a complete mini basketball hoop that can be adjusted from 3.5 feet to 7 feet. This makes it the perfect hoop to grow with your child. 

If you are trying to find the perfect gift for a younger basketball fanatic this is one of the best options. It can be used inside or out and is built to last a long time. They will love the different hoop adjustments to practice dunking or just shooting around.

This hoop is perfect for kids 12 or younger. If you are looking for a basketball hoop for a teenager you’ll likely want to go with a more expensive option as they will grow out of this hoop too fast. 

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  • The Mug With A Hoop


One of the more unique basketball gifts on this list is The Mug With a Hoop. This is a really fun gift idea for all ages. You can use this mug for anything from hot chocolate to cereal. The hoop makes a great addition and can be used to shoot different items such as marshmallows into the bowl. 

This mug will likely become their new favorite! It is the perfect gift idea for any boy who loves basketball. 

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