Gifts for 12 Year Old Boys

Updated: May 20, 2023
birthday-gifts-for-12-year-old-boySearching for the best gift ideas for a 12 year old boy? Check out these popular gifts most requested by 12 year olds. Read reviews from other parents, shop by category or price and find something great.


Top Picks: 2020



1. Mini Drone




Sky Viper’s Nano Drone is an inexpensive gift that any 12 year old boy would love. This tiny remote-controlled drone is easy to control and a ton of fun to fly. It is just the right size for indoor use, making it the perfect Christmas gift. The drone can even perform cool tricks such as flips or barrel rolls and can auto-launch and land with the click of a button. If you’re searching for a cool and inexpensive tech gift that will be a HUGE hit, this could be a great suggestion.

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2. REDUX Capture the Flag



Capture the flag is one of the most popular backyard games for kids and teens. There’s a good chance your 12 year old has played before, but if not, learning how to play is easy. To set the game up, divide the playing field in half, and create two teams. Each team must cross over the line to the opposing side and try to capture the other team’s flag to win the game. Players that get tagged before getting back to their side safely get stuck in “jail”! The glow in the dark version is a fun twist on the classic play and would make a great gift that friends and family could enjoy as well.

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3. ThinkFun Swish Game




If you’re looking for a fun gift that the whole family can play, ThinkFun’s Swish Game is a great pick. It is a fast game that’ll keep your 12 year old interested for hours. Your objective is to find matching cards before any others do. If you get a match, you keep the cards! The person with the most cards at the end of the game wins. This game makes you think a little bit, but it is so fast you wouldn’t even associate it with an educational game.

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4. Light-Up Sports Ball



Pictured above is the soccer version, but you also have the option to buy a football or basketball! If your child is crazy about sports, they will love one of these glow in the dark balls. These are perfect for any nighttime game or practice session. Plus, the batteries are easily replaceable so that it won’t die out on you. No doubt, this is a cool gift idea and most likely one they’ve never seen before.

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5. Dodge Ball with a Twist



This game is such a fun twist on classic dodgeball. It’s a must-have for any active 12 year old boy. You have probably never heard of “Scatter Dodgeball,” so here is a quick explanation (don’t worry, it is easy to learn.) Instead of tons of balls flying all over the place, you play Scatterball with one dodgeball. Players take turns throwing the dodgeball. If a player gets hit, they turn over their wristband to the thrower. The first player to collect all of the wristbands wins the game. Scatterball is seriously one of the best games and the best part is you only need a few people to play!

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6. Light-up Bluetooth Speaker



Here’s another cool tech gift any 11 year old boy would love. This Bluetooth speaker has too many cool features to list. You can set the color to blue, red, purple, or green. It even has a lamp setting that is perfect for reading or doing homework. Some other features include touch-activation and up to 18 hours of battery life! Your boy will love playing his music on this speaker, but it is so much more than just a speaker!

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7. New Apple iPad



If you’re looking for a big gift idea, the new Apple iPad might be perfect. It is definitely on the pricier side, but you know they will be THRILLED once they unwrap it. In all honesty, the iPad is ideal for everything that most 12 year olds like to do. It is excellent for playing games, downloading apps, watching YouTube videos, and much more! You can even hook up a keyboard and turn it into a mini-computer, which is a convenient feature. This iPad is one of those gifts that will get used every day and last a long time. Just make sure you buy a drop-proof case, so it doesn’t crack!

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8. NERF Rival



Is your twelve year old into nerf? If so, they will love this gift. The Nerf Rival Blaster is fun to use and packs a ton of power! It holds up to 30 rounds and is very easy to load up. This model is definitely not your typical Nerf blaster. It is very accurate and can shoot long distances. Probably not the best for younger kids, but it is perfect for this age group. If you buy a few of these, they’ll be able to have some great Nerf wars with their friends or family. That said, it is also great for solo target practice!

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9. ESPN Basketball Game



This shootout basketball game is the ultimate gift for any sporty kid. It features two hoops with a polycarbonate backboard (just like an actual basketball hoop!) So shooting the ball is actually realistic. You can choose from 8 different game modes such as around the world, horse, and time restrictive shootouts. The hoops backboard features two HUGE scorekeepers and a time clock to keep track of everything automatically. It is effortless to see when in the middle of intense competition. This game makes the perfect Christmas gift and will keep your 12 year old active without needing to be outside all the time.

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10. Waterproof Speaker




Just about any middle schooler would be thrilled with this waterproof speaker. It even has an extra bass boost (and for such a small speaker, it sounds incredible!) You can take this speaker just about anywhere, and with sixteen hours of battery life, it will keep up. The speaker will connect to any Bluetooth device such as an iPhone, iPod, or Tablet. If you’re looking for a great affordable gift, this would be a hit for sure.


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