Gifts for 14 Year Old Boys

Updated: May 20, 2023
christmas-gifts-for-14-year-old-boyLooking for a great gift idea for a 14-year-old boy? Check out this list and find the best tech gifts, sports gifts, outdoor gifts, and more. Shop by interest and find something they’ll love.


Top Picks: 2023


1. Extra Bass Portable Bluetooth Speaker





Teens love listening to music with the bass turned up. Sony created this speaker with sound quality and portability in mind. This speaker’s bass can pack a punch, and it sounds great too! It also has a few other cool features your teen will love, such as a waterproof design and 16 hours of battery life.

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2. Sports Team Blanket



Does your 14 year old have a favorite sports team? If so, be sure to consider an officially licensed team blanket. You can pick out their favorite team, whether they like the NFL, NBA, or NHL. Each team blanket features a unique design and logo. Plus, they are large, measuring over 6 feet! Any sports fan would appreciate this practical gift. There’s also a good chance they will use it daily.

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3. HD Mini Projector




It is honestly hard to find a teen boy that doesn’t love video games or streaming their favorite tv shows and movies. If they love hanging out and watching movies or playing Xbox or PlayStation, they will love this mini projector. It can project a screen size of up to 150 inches! Any image looks fantastic on the big screen. This projector even includes a 100-inch portable projection screen that can be set up anywhere (room, basement, etc.) The portable size makes this projector easy to move around the house, bring outside, or even to a friend’s house. There’s not much cooler than having your own personal home theater. 

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4. Mini Drone




The next gift on this list is a neat gadget any 14-year-old boy would enjoy. This mini drone is easy enough for beginners to learn, but it also has advanced features for more experienced pilots. It is the perfect drone for indoor or outdoor flying. Unique features such as performing flips and rolls with a click of a button make this very entertaining. They will have a blast playing with this during the holidays. The quality of this drone makes it well worth the price of under $50. 

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5. Fire HD 10 Tablet



Okay, indeed, most 14-year-olds would probably choose an iPad over an Amazon Tablet. If an iPad doesn’t fall within the Christmas or birthday budget, this tablet could be a great choice! 

The all-new fire tablet features a 10.1″ full HD display, up to 12 hours battery life, and front/rear-facing cameras. It is perfect for teens who like playing games, going on Facebook/Instagram, listening to music, watching Netflix, or browsing the internet. It can do almost everything an iPad can, at half the cost!  

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6. Apple AirPods / Beats by Dre headphones


trendy-wireless-headphones .

If your 14-year-old doesn’t have a nice pair of headphones, they will love one of these sets. At the moment, Beats by Dre and Apple AirPods are the most popular headphones among teens. 

AirPods are known for their style and convenience. They are one of the more expensive gifts on this list but would surely be a favorite. 

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Beats by Dre



Beats by Dre are known for excellent sound quality and bass. This pair of Beats is very affordable! They would make the perfect gift for any music-lover.

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7. Spikeball



Fans of the NBC show “Shark Tank” might be familiar with Spikeball. If you haven’t seen the show, Spikeball is a unique two vs. two game that is a combination of four square and volleyball. It is one of the most addictive outdoor games. Even teenagers that aren’t into sports love playing! If you’re looking for a fun outdoor gift that will get them away from video games for a few hours, this is a perfect choice.

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8. Insulated water bottle



Here is another great gift that won’t break the bank. Your teen will be able to keep their Gatorade, tea, or any other beverage cold while on the go. These vacuum water bottles are available in 5 different colors and keep any beverage hot or cold for hours. They are also very portable and would be easy to bring along to school or practice.

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9. Pandemic Board Game



Pandemic is one of the best board games for teenagers. One feature that makes this such an exciting game to play is that it’s cooperative. That’s right, all players win or lose together! Your teen will love playing with his friends, but it also makes a great family game. It is one of the most popular board games with over 2,500 five star reviews. If they love board games, this is a no-brainer. Even if they don’t play these types of games often, you might be surprised how thrilled they are with this gift. 

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10. Philips Hue Light Strips


This gift is a bit on the pricier side. That said, it has too many cool features to pass up! Your teen will be able to install this light strip anywhere they’d like, whether that be their room or basement hangout. It is easy to control from any smartphone or Alexa device. Featuring over 16 million color options and automatic scheduling, this will be the most refreshing addition to your 14-year-olds hangout!

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