Gifts for 6 Year Old Boys

Updated: May 20, 2023
christmas-gifts-for-6-year-old-boysAre you trying to find a great gift idea for a 6 year old boy? Explore this 2023 gift list of toys, games, sports, electronics, and more. You can shop by category, price range, and read reviews on popular toys and games to find exactly the gift you’re looking for this year! 


2023 Favorites


1. Mini Basketball Hoop




If you have an active 6 year old boy, they will love this mini indoor basketball hoop. It is the perfect hoop for slam dunking or playing mini-games with friends. Plus, it’s a life-saver during the winter and on rainy days. It will keep them entertained for hours and burn off some of their energy! Setup only takes a few minutes, and it can be placed in their room or on the back of any door. Nerf hoops are a popular choice as well, but the SKLZ Pro set is much more durable and will surely last a long time.

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2. Nintendo Switch Lite



Nintendo is the best. Even though some of their systems are a bit on the pricier side, they are 100% worth it. The Nintendo Switch Lite is a portable handheld gaming system that can play all of the most popular games. Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, Pokemon, you name it. Your 6-year-old will absolutely love this gift. They can play at home or stay busy in the car or on the go.

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3. Mini Air Hockey Table



Most boys love air-hockey, but traditional air hockey tables are crazy expensive and take up a ton of space. This mini air hockey table is a great price, super easy to set up, and doesn’t take up a whole room! It is also very well made, and the air-flow makes for very realistic gameplay. Another cool feature is the LED digital scoring system. You’d be surprised at the quality of this table for the price – it will make the perfect Christmas or Birthday gift for any 6 year old that loves games.

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4. Nerf Fortnite with Targets




Does your 6 year old love Fortnite? If so, here’s a cool gift idea they will be thrilled to unwrap! This Fortnite blaster is a replica of one of the real blasters from the popular video game. It even includes 6 nerf darts and 3 llama targets for aiming practice and fun challenges.

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5. Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes




These stomp rockets are so much fun. If you are looking for a fun gift idea that doesn’t involve video games or electronics, this is definitely worth checking out. Each rocket can launch up to 100 feet, and there are 3 different types (the wildcat, looper, and glider.) The wildcat performs flips and turns while the looper makes giant loops in the sky. It is 100% powered by running and jumping on the launchpad. Kids have a blast trying to see who can launch these the highest. This rocket set is a great inexpensive gift that the whole family will enjoy!

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6. Glowing Marble Run



This kit has everything you need to build an impressive marble run! The most popular features are the translucent pieces and glow in the dark marbles. Seeing all of the different color marbles race through the dark is a big hit. You can also build this set differently each time. It provides great variety and keeps things interesting for sure!

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7. Dodgeball Game Set




Here is a great game that any 6 year old boy will absolutely love. The set includes two vests and six foam dodgeballs. The balls are soft enough (so you can play indoors or outside.) It is an action-packed game where players attempt to throw dodgeballs and stick them to the opposing team. Each time a ball gets stuck on the vest, it counts as a point! The velcro on the vests are very sticky and will surely hold up over time. If it is a Christmas gift and they won’t be able to play outside, they’ll love building forts and different places to take cover! This game is so simple, but it is one of those gifts that will keep your boys entertained for hours. If you are planning on playing with more than two people, make sure you buy more than one set!

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8. Dino Fossil Dig Kit



National Geographic’s Dinosaur Fossil Dig Kit is a fun gift idea where kids can dig for real dinosaur fossils ???? . The kit includes a hand-painted dig kit, three different fossils, and an instructional guide with tons of information on all of the various fossils and dinosaurs. Finding each fossil is so exciting, and your child will love the thrill of digging for the next big discovery.

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9. Kids Fitness & Activity Tracker



Any active boy would love their very own fitness and activity tracker. Garmin packed this device full of features. It can track sleep, steps, and kids can even earn coins by completing different chores. You also don’t need to charge it! It comes equipped with one year of battery life. All you need to do is download the app on your smartphone, and you can manage your child’s activity tracker. From the app, assign tasks and chores, view all of their sleep and steps, compete in challenges, and even set different coin rewards for your child to redeem! This activity tracker is an excellent alternative if you are trying to find a gift for your 6 year old that isn’t a toy or game.

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10. Razor Delta Scooter



Your 6 year old will love this scooter. It is so much fun to ride and far from something that you’d typically see on the streets. This scooter has three wheels that make it perfect for drifting and riding in small spaces. It might look a little bit challenging to ride, but kids pick it up in no time and will be waiting to show off all the new tricks they’ve learned.

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