Gifts for 7 Year Old Boys

Updated: May 20, 2023
christmas-gifts-for-7-year-old-boyShopping for a 7 year old can be especially tough with all of the available toys, games, electronics, video games, sporting goods and more. Check out our 2023 list of the best gifts for 7 year old boys and find something they’ll love.


Top Picks: 2020


1. Battle Bumper Cars




This year’s top toy is the RC Battle Bumper Cars from Click n’ Play. These cars are fast and super easy to control. The game is simple. Each player races around and attempts to bump the opponent’s car. The first player’s driver that gets ejected loses the game! These remote control cars are also very durable (the design is specifically for bumping into each other!) So you know they won’t break within a few days.

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2. Fire HD Kids Tablet




Are you trying to find a great gift that isn’t a toy? Any seven year old would love their own Fire HD Tablet. This device features a full HD display, 10 hours of battery life, and 32 GB for plenty of storage. It also includes a one-year subscription to FreeTime unlimited. FreeTime gives access to thousands of popular apps, games, books, educational content, and more! You can also add any popular app to the tablet (such as Netflix or Minecraft.) To make sure everything is age-appropriate, they allow you to set parental controls. There is even an option to make a goal for time spent interacting with educational content.

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3.Gumball Machine Maker




Next on the list is a cool gift idea that lets you build your own gumball machine! It includes a step by step guide, making the building process easy for kids to follow. You can create three different configurations, which is excellent for building it more than once. Once you build the machine, you can watch the gumballs perform plenty of cool stunts and tricks. Some of the stunts include a pinball launcher, dominos, and a trampoline. It even includes a set of gumballs to get started!

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4. Sports Team Blanket



If your 7 year old is obsessed with sports ????, they will love this team blanket. It is available in all of the most popular NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL franchises! The quality is excellent, and it is absolutely massive (over 6 feet.) This blanket would make a great gift for any sporty kid, and there is no doubt this would get used all the time. It is practical and also not as expensive as you’d expect.

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5. Stomp Rocket Extreme Rocket



This model rocket is ridiculous. It can launch up to 400 feet into the sky by merely running, jumping, and stomping on the launchpad. Okay, it advertises 400 feet – it would be hard for a kid to launch it that far. Anyways, you’d still be amazed by how high this rocket can go. You might want to buy more than one if there will be a lot of kids around. This rocket is one of those toys that everyone will want to test out! Your seven year old will love seeing how high they can launch it each time.

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6. Lego Make Your Own Movie Kit



The next gift idea is a toy of the year awards finalist. Lego’s Make Your Own Movie Kit is a fun animated movie-making kit that makes it easy for kids to make their own animated films ????. You can make Mini-movies in as little as an hour! The kit includes actors, mix & match faces, and plenty of props to shoot the next big Hollywood film. It uses “stop-motion” animation (still used today in plenty of popular movies and tv shows.) There is no doubt this will be a huge hit, and your seven-year-old will love making different movie skits and watching them once complete.

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7. Lego Chain Reactions



Since most 7 year old boys are obsessed with Legos – here’s another cool and unique gift they’ll love. Chain Reactions lets you build ten different crazy machines that can combine to create a chain of events. You can create your very own inventions or follow the set instructions in the booklet. For example, you can build a Lego structure where a marble rolls into a bucket, which falls, then rolls down a ramp, then through a funnel, etc. It’s a blast creating and testing all of these different structures. Any kid that loves to build stuff or enjoys Legos would love this gift idea.

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8. Nintendo Switch



If you are trying to find a bigger gift that your 2nd grader would freak out over the Nintendo Switch could be one of the best choices. One of the favorite features of the Switch is that you can dock it at home to play on the TV or play handheld on the go. Your boy will be able to play all of the most popular video games (Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, Minecraft).

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9. Secret Agent Maze Game



Here’s a fun game that you probably haven’t seen before. This secret agent maze game has one objective – cross the laser field before the time runs out! It works by creating a laser-like area with strings that look like lasers (not actual lasers!) Playing in the dark is a blast, as you can put on UV Goggles or order a UV light to make the field look like real lasers you’d see in a spy movie. You can set up the laser pattern different each time that you play to switch up the difficulty. The kids will love going on missions to cross the laser field, grab an object, and bring it back without triggering the “alarm”!

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10. Mini Hockey Set


If your 7 year old boy is crazy about hockey, this is a must-have gift! Even kids that don’t enjoy hockey love playing with this mini goal set. This set includes everything you need for an indoor game of knee hockey. It includes two goals, four offense/defense sticks, and two goalie sticks. For active kids that enjoy sports, this will be a huge hit. They will play mini-tournaments for countless hours with friends. You can also use this set solo and practice shooting at the net.

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Every boy has different interests and hobbies making it virtually impossible to create one list that fits all. Check out our full list of awesome gift ideas for 7 year old boys below. You will find all of the hottest toys, games, sporting goods, electronics, and more!


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