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Trying to find the perfect gift for a kid who likes sports? Check out this list of gift ideas that will be a huge hit for any young athlete or sports fan. Shop basketball, soccer, baseball, hockey, football, and more. You can also find sports gifts for boys and girls or filter by age range. Find the best deals and be sure to impress your sport savvy kid.


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If they love football, here are a few great gift ideas! This list includes top-rated games, toys, NFL accessories, and more. If you are looking for more awesome football-related gifts, be sure to check out our 2023 list of football gifts for boys.


1. NFL Team Blanket



Any sports fanatic would love a blanket with their favorite team logo and design. If you’re looking for a practical gift that will be used every day (especially in the winter), this is a great option. The blanket is over 6 feet, and it’s very soft and comfortable.

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2. Kids Football Toys



If you’re shopping for a younger sports fan, you will want to check out the Kaskey Kids Football Guys. This toy set includes twenty-four football players, two field goals, a football field, and even a referee! It is an excellent gift for creative play. You can run plays, create games, and much more. Your boy will no longer need to pretend his other miscellaneous action figures are football players!

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3. Red Zone Backyard Toss Game



The Red Zone Challenge game is the perfect active sports gift. Players compete for a full four quarters and can score first downs, field goals, and touchdowns. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins. Players can also throw an interception! Which results in a lost turn. It is an excellent gift for all ages and makes for a great family game as well.

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4. Youth Football Goal-Post Set



Every kid that loves football has dreams of a field in their backyard. This field goal set makes it possible! Backyard football games will be a hundred times more realistic. Players will be able to kick field goals and even extra points after touchdowns. You can also use this goal to practice kicking or to compete with friends. One popular game is the “field goal challenge,” where players compete to see who can kick the longest field goal! Overall this is an excellent gift for any boy who loves football.

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5. NFL Board Game


Kids of all ages love this football game. Surprisingly, it’s not a video game! The game day board game can be played with 2 to 4 players and is easy enough for younger players to learn as well. It is truly an addictive game that involves real football strategy and luck. Like Monopoly but with NFL teams and officially licensed!

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Here is a list of soccer gifts that any kid or teenager would love. The list includes soccer accessories, training equipment, and some pretty cool novelties. Be sure to check out our full list of soccer gifts for kids for more awesome ideas.


1. Glow in the Dark Soccer Ball


This LED light-up ball is a cool gift for any kid that loves soccer. It lights up when kicked, and it is easy to see when playing in the dark. The LED lights make this soccer ball a big hit with kids and teens. It takes practicing or playing with friends to a whole new level!

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2. Soccer Ball PopSockets



So, if they have a smartphone or tablet, this simple idea has the potential to be their favorite gift! PopSockets stick to the back of any device and provide a collapsible stand that you can use to prop your device up to watch tv/movies or play games. Every soccer fanatic would love one of these. The soccer designed PopSocket is a rare find!

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3. Adidas Soccer Ball


Every soccer player owns at least a soccer ball or two, but probably nothing this unique! Adidas Soccer Ball is one of a kind. Available in many colors. It is a high-quality ball that will last, and the price is also fantastic.

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4. Soccer Mug with a Goal



This next idea is one of the more unique sports gifts on this list. It is perfect for kids and teens, and an 8-year-old even created it! This mug is designed like a soccer ball and features a giant net attached to the handle. Any kid who loves cereal or drinking hot chocolate would use this all the time. Even if they don’t, it makes for a unique gift they’ll keep for a long time!

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5. Soccer Rebound Trainer



Playing soccer alone involves a lot of time chasing after the ball and less time shooting. This rebound trainer is one of the pricier gifts on this list, but a gift that any soccer player would be thrilled to unwrap! It is one of the most durable and well-built soccer rebounders and will likely last for years. Your kid will be excited to practice shooting without retrieving the ball 24/7!

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If you are shopping for a hockey-obsessed kid, there is a good chance they already have all the gear and accessories they need. This list of fun and unique hockey gifts will surely have something they don’t already own. Check out the five ideas listed below, and if you want to see more gift ideas view our full list of top-rated hockey gifts for kids.


1. Stanley Cup Hockey Table Top Game


If you think you’ve seen something like this at the arcade, it is because you probably have! The Stanley Cup Hockey table is a smaller home version of the popular dome hockey arcade game. Any hockey-obsessed kid or teen would dream of having something like this at home. This hockey game is a gift that your child will play for hours with friends. The family will likely get addicted as well!

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2. Playmobil NHL Take Along Arena



Playmobil makes a lot of really cool hockey toys. If you’re shopping for a younger hockey fan, they will love this NHL Take Along Arena. It features a locker room, ice rink, hockey players, and plenty of other hockey accessories. Each Playmobil hockey player has a lever on the back that moves the stick and will shoot the puck.

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3. Fastrack NHL Board Game



Most people have no clue what this game is, or how to play by just looking at it. Yet, this is one of the best sports gifts for kids (even non-hockey players love it!) It is a fast-paced game that involves ten hockey pucks and a game board. Each player starts with five hockey pucks. Using one hand and the included elastic cord, players need to shoot the pucks to the opposing side. The first player to shoot all ten pucks across will win the game. It is such a simple game, but your kids will get addicted!

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4. Officially Licensed NHL Blanket


Is your child a fan of the Washington Capitals, Pittsburgh Penguins, or NY Rangers? It doesn’t matter what NHL franchise they like because this blanket is available in all 30 teams! Many others have mentioned how soft this blanket is and how it was much larger than they expected. This blanket will get a ton of use, and it is also a very safe gift for any teenager that loves hockey!

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Is basketball one of their favorite sports? They aren’t alone! Basketball is the second most popular sport in the United States. Any young player or fan would appreciate this list of gift ideas. It features fun basketball arcade games, NBA gear, and more. Looking for more gift ideas they’ll love? Here is our 2023 list of the best basketball gifts for kids.


1. Pop-A-Shot Indoor Basketball Game


If your kid is in love with basketball, there is probably a good chance they are obsessed with the bball shoot out games at the arcade. Pop-A-Shot Indoor Basketball Game is very similar to those arcade-style games and features eight different game options! You can play alone or compete against friends in two-player mode. This game isn’t only an excellent gift for a basketball fan; any kid who loves sports would enjoy this gift.

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2. SKLZ Basketball Mini Hoop


This Sklz Mini Hoop makes an excellent gift for any kid, especially if they’re fans of playing basketball in their room. Endless memories of dunking on each other or playing horse!!

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3. GoHoops Basketball Dice Game



If your child is obsessed with basketball, they will love this game. GoHoops Basketball is a fast-paced dice game that is tons of fun for the whole family. The rules are simple – players try to score the most points while avoiding turnovers, fouls, and steals. It is easy to learn and recommended for kids age six and up. There is a good amount of strategy involved. Players choose their plays such as attempting to slam-dunk, shoot a three-pointer or jump shot!

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4. Officially Licensed NBA Blanket


This NBA blanket is a steal (no pun intended). It is an inexpensive gift that any sporty kid would love! Once you see this blanket, you’ll be surprised it costs under $20. It is a massive high-quality blanket that is very warm and comfortable. Pick out their favorite team, and there is a good chance this will be one of their favorite Christmas presents!

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5. Light Up LED Basketball


What basketball player wouldn’t love a glow in the dark ball? This LED basketball is a cool gift idea for players of all ages. It makes playing at night a blast and will give your kids an excuse to stay outside for another hour (or two) after it gets dark out! They most likely already have a couple of regular basketballs, so this could be the perfect addition.

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Trying to find an awesome baseball gift that will exceed your child’s expectations? Explore this unique list of baseball toys, games, training equipment, and accessories. You can also check out our full list of baseball gifts for kids.


1. Kids Baseball Guys



Most boys love sports and toys. If they knew these baseball action figures existed, there’s a good chance it would be at the top of their Christmas list! The baseball guys toy set includes twenty-four quality baseball action figures, an umpire, an adjustable scoreboard, and plenty of other baseball accessories.

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2. MLB Sluggers Baseball Game


If baseball is their favorite sport, there is no doubt they will love this baseball board game. It is an excellent game for children just learning the rules of baseball + teenagers that know baseball like the back of their hand! The game features a ton of real baseball strategy and in-game scenarios.

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3. Baseball Jersey Number Necklace



Most kids that play youth sports have a particular number they love. Picking out jerseys at the beginning of the year is one of the best days! If you want to buy them a gift that they’ll cherish check out this baseball jersey number necklace. It’s a high-quality necklace that features a baseball design, and you can pick out their favorite number.

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4. MLB Electronic Baseball Pitching Machine



If you have a young baseball player in the house, they would be thrilled to receive this baseball pitching machine. It automatically pitches a ball every seven seconds (and most of the time, it is a strike!)

This machine is an excellent toy for practicing alone and surely comes in handy if you’re tired of throwing him a thousand pitches!

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In this section, you can shop for all of the best sports gifts for kids. Read parent reviews, filter by price or age range, and find a gift that they’ll love! If you have a sports gift that you would like to recommend be sure to submit your idea here! Your contribution is appreciated and will help others find the perfect gift for their sport crazy kids and teens.


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