Hockey Gifts for Kids

Updated: May 20, 2023

Shopping for a kid or teen who loves hockey? Check out this unique list of gift ideas perfect for any hockey player or fan. This 2023 gift guide includes the best hockey games, toys, accessories, NHL apparel and more.



  • Hockey Passer – NHL Approved



This NHL approved hockey passer is a popular gift for younger hockey players. It is meant to replicate the perfect pass by automatically passing hockey balls. It comes with 4 street regulation balls, but can hold up to 9 at a time!

If you’re trying to find an active gift that will help sharpen your child’s hockey skills this is a great choice. It delivers the ball at high speed, replicating the feel of a real pass from a teammate. This will surely help improve their shot and coordination. They will love getting outside and working on their game.

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  • Officially Licensed NHL Blanket


Any NHL fan would love a giant blanket with their favorite team logo and colors. This is a reasonably priced gift that could very likely be their all-time favorite.

Available in all 31 teams, each blanket design is colorful and truly unique. If your house is ever freezing like a hockey rink there is no doubt this blanket will get a ton of use. It is a large and high-quality blanket measuring 60 inches by 80 inches. It’s likely the whole family will be trying to steal this blanket!

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  • NHL Hockey Tabletop Game



If it’s nearly impossible to get your kid or teenager to stop playing video games this might be the perfect gift idea! One of the coolest hockey toys you’ll find is this NHL arcade-style tabletop game.

It is a blast to play for hours and a great hockey gift for all ages. The game features realistic hockey players, goals, and in-game features. It is one of the more expensive gifts on this list, but the quality of the game is top-notch. Many players have mentioned that it is just as durable as the older versions of the game from over 20 years ago.

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  • NHL Hockey Guys Action Figure Set


This is another cool hockey toy that any kid would love. The Hockey Guys set includes 12 hockey players, a referee, goals, a puck, and even an “ice rink” mat to play on. It doesn’t take much to have a blast with these hockey guys. Kids can create their games and rules.

If you have a boy between the ages of 3 and 8 this will be a huge hit. It will keep any hockey fan occupied for hours.

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  • NHL Colored Premium Backpack


If they truly have a favorite hockey team this backpack would make a great birthday or Christmas gift. It is also a practical backpack that can be used for school.

The image above shows the Pittsburgh Penguins version but you have the option to pick your child’s favorite NHL team. Each backpack features the team logo and colors. It is spacious, comfortable, and very stylish.

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  • LED Light-Up 54” Air Hockey Table


Playing normal air hockey is fun, but this glow in the dark version takes the game to a whole new level. One of the best features of this air hockey table is the puck and handles light up bright red and blue. The table also has LED-lit corners that will flash every time a goal is scored.

It will be a big hit for any hockey fan under the age of 12. It is also very reasonably priced and built to withstand a beating.

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  • Mini Knee Hockey Goal Set


This is a great indoor hockey gift that any kid would love. Especially if it’s too cold to play outside. The NHL mini hockey set includes two goals, 4 shooting sticks, 2 goalie sticks, and 4 rubber balls.

Knee hockey is a blast to play and a perfect game for all ages. You can practice alone, play with friends, and even hold mini-tournaments! If you’re looking for an active gift that your hockey crazy kid would love this could be a great choice.

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  • PLAYMOBIL NHL Hockey Arena


If you’re trying to find a gift that your kids will play with regularly, definitely check out this NHL hockey arena game by Playmobil.

The game includes two hockey players on each team, one goalie and one offensive/defensive player. The offensive/defensive player has a simple lever that swings the stick and shoots the puck. The goalie is linked to the net and can be moved around with a joystick to defend shots.

Kids can even customize the ice rink with their favorite NHL team logo!

Any kid who loves hockey will be excited opening this on Christmas or their birthday. It is reasonably priced and built to last. This is not a cheaply made toy and would make a great hockey gift for kids and tweens.

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  • NHL Boys Primary Logo Hoodie


Any kid with a favorite NHL team would love an officially licensed team hoodie. This team logo hoodie is super comfortable, great quality, and very stylish!

Most kids will love anything with their favorite team logo on it. Buying them something that they’ll appreciate and potentially wear every single day could make this one of their favorite gifts.

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  • Backyard Hockey Game and Training Set


This is one of the most popular hockey gifts for teens this year. It is a simple and fun backyard game that even non-hockey players love. Players separate the goals around 20 feet apart and attempt to sauce the pucks into the opposing nets.

The scoring system is similar to a game of horse, except in a typical game of horse you gain a letter for each shot missed. In this game, players gain a letter for each successful shot. The first player to complete the word “gongshow” wins the game.

Playing alone is also a lot of fun and it makes for a great backyard training set. This game uses real hockey pucks, which is perfect for practicing.

Any hockey player or enthusiast will play this for hours upon hours. Great gift idea!

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  • NHL Sign


If you are looking for an affordable gift, this NHL street sign could be a great idea. Any young hockey fan would love a decoration for their room with their favorite team on it.

All 31 NHL teams are available and each team sign features a unique design and color combination.

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  • Unique Street Hockey Pucks / Balls

nhl-street-hockey-pucks  nhl-street-hockey-balls

Another cheap gift idea any young hockey player would love. These sets feature 3 different unique multi-colored and glow in the dark pucks and balls.

The glow in the dark puck is very bright, making it a lot of fun to shoot around with after sunsets. It works great on smooth surfaces and is officially licensed by the NHL. The set also includes two multi-colored balls.

There aren’t many hockey pucks or balls like these. It is truly different and makes for a great unique gift.

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