Soccer Gifts for Boys

Updated: May 20, 2023

Trying to find this year’s best soccer gifts for boys? Finding a great gift for your soccer-crazy kid or teen isn’t easy. Explore this 2023 list of top-rated gifts and toys perfect for any soccer player.


  • Light Up LED Soccer Ball


Playing soccer at night is a lot of fun, but it isn’t easy unless you have stadium lighting. This LED Soccer Ball is a great gift idea for any boy who loves to get outside and play 24/7.

The ball lights up bright orange when kicked or dropped and stays lit for long seconds after contact. This makes it super easy to find at night. No more losing track of the ball in the yard. The LED lights will never permanently die out as you can easily replace the batteries.

Every soccer player could use one of these light-up balls. They are a lot of fun to practice and shoot around with. It’s even possible to glow in the dark soccer games with a few friends!

This soccer ball is meant more for backyard fun and is not a “professional” grade. That being said, it is very durable and a lot of fun for any kid or teen.

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  • Star-Kick Solo Trainer


Topping this year’s gift list, especially for younger players is the Star-Kick Solo Trainer. If your kid loves playing soccer but hates chasing after their ball this is the perfect device. It makes it easy for kids to practice kicking and shooting without chasing the ball every couple of seconds.

This is an inexpensive soccer gift they’ll be practicing with all the time. It’s great for soccer players of all levels. From beginners just learning to teens looking to further develop their game.

Another cool feature is how portable it is. You can take this soccer trainer with you anywhere unlike a lot of other training devices. Practicing alone is easy with this device. You’ll likely find it getting taken outside every single day!

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  • Soccer Rebound Trainer



If you’re looking for a big gift idea that will really impress any soccer player, check out the Goalrilla Striker Soccer Rebound Trainer. 

This net is perfect for players of all ages and skill levels. You can practice goalkeeping, receiving, shooting and more. It is one of the more expensive soccer gifts on this list, but worth it considering the durability and quality! 

No doubt that this will become the only soccer goal your kids will want to use. It is a lot of fun to practice solo or with friends.

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  • Soccer PopSocket


If you don’t know what PopSockets are they might look a little bit strange. The thing is, this little soccer ball device makes a great gift for any teenager with a cell phone or iPad! 

PopSockets simply attach to the back of any cell phone or tablet and can be used for about 1,000 different things. The most popular feature is using the collapsable stand to watch YouTube videos, but it is also used as a grip for texting and taking pictures.

Plus, the soccer ball design makes this a winner over any regular PopSocket. This could be a cool small birthday gift or even something to put in the stocking at Christmas.

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  • Adidas Soccer Ball

A simple gift idea, but definitely one that your boy will love is the Adidas Soccer Ball. This soccer ball is available in many different colors ranging from teal to dark green. It definitely sticks out in a crowd and they will love that none of their friends have one like it. 

This ball is perfect for soccer practice or practicing at home. If they do take it to practice they will love being able to easily identify their ball.

Adidas is the brand for soccer balls

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  • Adidas Stadium II Backpack


Most every kid or teen would enjoy a new stylish backpack. Adidas’s stadium backpack is one of the most popular backpacks among soccer players of all ages. This backpack is spacious, stylish, and very comfortable.

Any soccer player could use one of these bags. It easily fits a soccer ball and all of their gear. Many kids also use this bag for school as well. 

Currently available in 9 different colors there are plenty of styles to choose from. It is also one of the most durable backpacks and can put up to a lifetime of abuse (literally!). Adidas actually provides a lifetime warranty on this bag, so you know it is built to last from grade school to college. 

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  • Kaskey Kids Soccer Guys


When your child isn’t playing soccer and needs some downtime they will love playing with these soccer guy action figures. This set is one of the most popular soccer toys for 10 year olds and under.

The Kaskey Soccer Guys bin includes 24 soccer players, 2 goals, 1 soccer ball, a playing field, and even a referee! It also includes an instruction booklet with official game rules but most kids enjoy creating their games and rules. 

If you are shopping for a kid who loves soccer and action figures this makes a great gift! It’s also nice to have them take a break from video games and YouTube for a few hours each day. These encourage imagination and any young soccer player will enjoy playing with these toys.

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  • PUGG Pop Up Soccer Goal


PUGG is the original pop-up soccer goal and is well known for its durability! This soccer goal can put up with a significant amount of abuse and will last for years. It is easy to transport and you can set up the net anywhere you’d like in just a few seconds. 

This is the perfect net for practice and playing in the backyard with friends. The 4-foot net is perfect for younger soccer players but if you are purchasing this gift for a teenager, be sure to check out the larger 6-foot version.

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  • Backyard Soccer Golf Game


Every young soccer player will love this fun backyard game. It is a combination of soccer and golf where players have to kick the ball to make it in the holes that are laid out on a course. This is also a game the whole family can get involved with. 

A fun way to play is by keeping track of how many kicks it takes for a player to hit the target. Similar to mini-golf you can then add up a score for each hole to determine a winner at the end of the game. 

If you’re trying to find a unique soccer gift that your boy will be able to play with friends and family this is a great idea. It isn’t the highest quality toy but makes for a great cheap game that is plenty of fun for kids and adults. 

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  • LED Soccer Light


Cool soccer gifts are hard to find. This unique light could be the perfect small gift for any soccer player. It will be a great addition to any boys room and it also makes a great night light. 

Colors change automatically or can be set to stay on one of the 7 color options. It is powered by USB and the light definitely stands out. For the price, you can’t beat this gift idea! 

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There are plenty of more great soccer gift ideas listed below. Check out customer reviews, top-selling products, and sort by budget to find the perfect gift!

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